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Take a sneak peek at Chloe Sullivan’s Action Comics debut

Chloe Sullivan in Action Comics

TV Guide has the first official look at Smallville‘s Chloe Sullivan from her long-delayed DC Universe debut in Action Comics #893, which goes on sale on Sept. 29.

The popular supporting character, played by actress Allison Mack, was created specifically for the television series, and introduced in the 2001 pilot. She was set to be integrated into DC’s comic-book continuity in 2008 but those plans fell apart. However, the publisher at last announced in July at Comic-Con International that Chloe will have a recurring role in the Jimmy Olsen co-feature by Nick Spencer and R.B. Silva that kicks off with this month’s Action Comics.

Spencer, who’s best known for his Image Comics series Existence 3.0 and Morning Glories, tells TV Guide he had to make some changes to the character’s history to enable her to fit into the established DC timeline.

“It’s a pretty different continuity, which I think has always been the challenging part of bringing Chloe into the DC Comics Universe,” he says. “She’s never existed in the comics before, so in order to make a part of Clark’s life when he was a teenager in Smallville, you’d have to do it somewhat retroactively, and it would age Chloe as a character a lot, since Superman is well past that part of his life in the books.”



What’s the point of introducing her into the comics?

Surely they don’t think the Smallville TV audience will cross over.

Actually, with this and the DEATH appearance, I’m thinking about picking up Action Comics for the first time in a long while

Same reason they introduced Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya to the DCU, John G.

Chloe looks pissed!

Screw the haters.

I love Chloe, and I’m going to go pick up this Action Comics when it comes out. Dammit, this was pretty much the reason I got that “Secret Origins” comic: because of this Chloe signature on Clark’s cast.

Yep, introducing her into the comics right when the show’s last season is about to begin. Great synergy there, DC.

There’s really no pressing reason to introduce Chloe into the comics. Also, it’s not like when they ported over Harley Quinn. Even if you like her from the “I can’t believe it’s not Superman!” show, she’s going to be inherently different because of the different context and setup.

Not really, as long as she is written in the same spirit as she is on the show than it should be fine. Personally she’s been the best part of Smallville for years and really one of the few reasons that I still tolerate the show. Chloe is a great character that if introduced well can add something to the Superman universe, I might have to check out Action Comics to see if they can do her justice or not.

It makes sense to introduce her during the last season. If people still want to follow her after the show starts, now they can.

That makes no sense at all, actually, given the context is radically different, and anyone following ‘Smallville’ would be faced with the character in a milieu that only superficially resembles the one they are used to.

hell i love chloe she needs her own show and if she can get to the comics she deserves it that show did ten seasons and i watched all ten and i will get the comic shes in good job allison mack

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