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What if the Tea Party took over the comics section?

Teanuts, by Ward Sutton

In a curious but somewhat-amusing turn, The Boston Globe had cartoonist Ward Sutton create a parody of what the comics section might look like if it were taken over by the Tea Party. What he comes up with are strips like B.P. (rather than B.C.), Dennis the IRS Menace, Nancy (Pelosi), Calvinist and Hobbes, and so on — 18 in all.



A couple of these worked for me, but the rest fell flat. Filtering the Tea Party through a lefty sensibility worked about as well as if a far right-wing cartoonist were to do his/her version of the funny papers as done by “commies.”

Some of them DID look and sound like as if they were real right-wing comics (like the Far Left Side), but most of them just felt like “right-wing comics” as done by someone who’s not right-wing.

Sir Manley Johnson

September 27, 2010 at 11:55 am

Reminds me of MAD magazine in the glory days.

The cartooning styles are spot-on, though.

At least most of these are funnier than Mallard Fillmore.

The rumors are that the Mallard Fillmore strip is intentionally not funny because the writer is actually a liberal.

I don’t know if that is true, but I do know that he has failed to turn out a strip that is even occassionally funny….

Someone take the sledgehammer away from the guy who wrote those. geez.

As much as the left hates and despises the Tea Party movement now, wait until after Nov. 2. They’re going to be foaming at the mouth or on suicide watch.

And by next spring the rest of the country will be doing the same.

Clearly done by someone who doesn’t understand the Tea Party. The Left has gotten so pathetic. The hate rhetoric that comes from them is truly sad.

“And by next spring the rest of the country will be doing the same.”

But things were going to be so different under President Lightbringer. What could have possibly gone wrong?!?!

The only thing worse than political cartoons are the comment threads they spawn.

Sean, be real, this isn’t NEARLY as bad as it could be. Having a guy who actually has “NWO” in his name is pretty terrible, yes, but even he isn’t nearly as bad as the wingnuts you see commenting on every single Yahoo article.

Seriously, go look up the comment section to literally any Yahoo News article. “Ghastly” is the only word to describe these people.

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