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Whilce Portacio to illustrate second Artifacts story arc

Artifacts #5

Artifacts #5

Top Cow has tapped Whilce Portacio to draw the second arc of their 13-issue event series Artifacts. The creator of Wetworks will follow Michael Broussard, the artist on the first four issues.

The 13-issue series, which will be drawn by four different art teams, weaves together storylines from several Top Cow books, including Witchblade, The Darkness and Angelus. The story revolves around 13 mystical artifacts that, when brought together, would bring about mankind’s destruction. A mysterious figure aims to do just that.

“This arc was specially set up for me,” he told USA Today. “I like doing tech stuff, but I also like doing dark and moody. In this case, that moodiness revolves around supernatural stuff and that’s right up my alley. This was a chance for me to artistically examine technology versus spirituality.”

Another artist will take over the book with issue nine, and “a special guest artist” will draw the last issue. The series is written by Ron Marz.



It´s good to see Whilce doing so much work lately. Spawn, Uncanny X-Men and now, Artifacts. I know a lot of people don´t like his pencilling but I, for one, like him a lot. I just hope he doesn´t leave X-Men.

This is seriously pulling me into the Top Cow Universe. We already know about the 12 out of 13 Artifacts and I really want to see their powers alone and combined as the story moves forward.

So far, Ron Marz and Stefan Sejic are already overwhelmed with Witchblade and Angelus. I’m guessing Sejic’s gonna be the next artist to work on Artifacts and Mark Silvestri’s gonna work on the last issue (or vice-versa)

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