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Batman’s secret superpower? Graphic design

The image above, featuring pretty much every variation of the Batman symbol, has been tearing its way across Tumblr for a few days now. I first saw it at Quipsologies, which describes it thusly: “Proof that Batman has one of the greatest logos ever: Recognizable (and equally bad ass) in any incarnation.”

Sounds about right to me!

Here’s something I’d like to throw to the group, though: Which of these Bat symbols do you consider to be the “real” one? Weaned as I was on Tim Burton’s Batman, I have to go with the fifth one down in the third column–that’s the version I myself wear in the classic yellow-on-black t-shirt form. What say you, Batfans?



First column, bottom symbol
Third column, 3rd symbol up from the bottom

They’re the same one!

i want to throw all of these at someone.

There are a few duplicates. And the “real” one is 3rd column, 1 down. The Nolanverse logo. Although the Burton logo is more likely to be recognized by the masses. I already have 3 of these tattooed, now I have an actual checklist.

Didn’t the original Burton logo have “legs?” At least on Bats’ chestplate? Not seeing that version here.


Awesome, though!

Sean T. Collins

October 7, 2010 at 12:02 pm

I meant the one from the poster, and most of the t-shirts of the time:

Where’s the Dark Knight Returns’ bat-symbol? #5 in the first column kinda resembles it, but Frank Miller drew it a lot chunkier, like a massive trapezoid with tiny hooks. Not that it’s my favorite, just one of the more memorable ones. Best one IMO is the one at the top of the second column. Stylish!

It is missing the “legs” one from Batman ’89 but I don’t particularly care as I’ll agree, third row middle symbol is the one and only real Batman logo. After that is middle row, third one down. Begins/Dark Knight symbol is third.

’89 Bats logo is the one for me, too. It’s the right proportions (as opposed to the exaggerated third row, bottom one) and those nifty curved wings.

That one everyone is calling the Tim Burton symbol? It’s not from Tim Burton. It was the Bat-symbol in use in the comics since the early 1970s. Neal Adams and Jim Aparo were the ones who used it the most and it was the “official” copyrighted Bat-symbol long before Burton added legs in ’89 (and took them of for ’92)

Captain Librarian

October 7, 2010 at 11:30 pm

I’d say the black on yellow says it for me.

But this misses a few notable symbols, not the least of which was the adam west series and the “Knightfall” logo. Check them all out here:

Joel–I know, but my first exposure to that shape was from the Burton posters.

I was kind of looking for the logo with legs on it. But thanks for rounding up these batman logos.

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