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Bring out your dead: Marvel cancels Young Allies with Issue 6

Young Allies #5

Marvel has dropped the ax on Young Allies, going so far as to cancel the solicitation for December’s Issue 7.

The series, by Sean McKeever and David Baldeon, launched in June under the publisher’s “Heroic Age” banner, and starred Nomad, Firestar, Araña, Gravity and a new Toro. “The idea behind Young Allies is that it’s literally a group of young allies,” McKeever told Comic Book Resources in March. “It’s not so much a team in the conventional sense as it is a group of like-minded people of the same generation.”

Young Allies got off to a rough start, with the first issue selling less than 21,000 copies — teetering on Marvel’s traditional “line of death.” By the third issue, that figure had dropped to 14,000.

McKeever, who’s carved out a niche with teen-superhero dramas like Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane and the Nomad backup story in Captain America, confirmed the cancellation, writing on Twitter that Young Allies #7 “was only at the plotting stages when the hammer came down, so there is no ‘missing issue’.” (Marvel told Comics Alliance the series is “on hiatus.”)

McKeever will continue to write the Nomad serial in Captain America. His next big Marvel project, Onslaught Unleashed, was announced over the weekend at New York Comic Con.

“More discussion of Young Allies in the last 24 hours than there had been since its announcement in March,” McKeever tweeted this morning. “Le sigh.”

The sixth and final issue of Young Allies arrives in stores on Nov. 3.



It is a shame that titles like this and Atlas can’t survive, while there are 4 different Avengers titles and countless tie-ins and 18 different Batman titles.

Hopefully the cast will still get some appearances in the new Spider-Girl and the Nomad back-up.

Sorry to those who liked this, but honestly, is this really that much of a surprise?

It was pretty obvious this was going to happen the moment this series was announced. It got lumped in around the same time as Avengers Academy, which had way, way more of a marketing push and a bigger creative team.

I honestly was never certain why Marvel even gave this series the go-ahead.

I hope this means the end of McKeever’s Nomad back-up in Cap as well, which has been bad from the start.

paladinking said:

“I hope this means the end of McKeever’s Nomad back-up in Cap as well, which has been bad from the start.”

From the article:

“McKeever will continue to write the Nomad serial in Captain America”

Apparently not, unfortunately. I’m with you, paladinking. Nothing about that Nomad backup fits in with Brubaker’s Cap stories. Different art style, different tone, different kind of stories, plus it is just not very good at all. I think most people don’t even bother to read it. Drop it from the book and drop the price back down to $2.99, I say.

My only surprise is that it lasted six issues rather than five.

This is my biggest problem with Marvel, they’re flooding the market with “important” books that the completists have to have – and canceling everything new that could even potentially be interesting.

I still think that Young Allies was essentially a victim of the higher price point on the other books. Sure, Young Allies was only $2.99, but when other, more proven properties go up in price and your budget for comics is the same, what are you going to spend that $3 on? An extra $1 apiece for three titles you know are going to be good, or $3 on a new title that might be good?

Speaking for myself, the price had nothing to do with it. The characters did not interest me, the artwork was not to my liking and I have never read anything by Sean McKeever that has impressed me (though, admittedly, I’ve not read very much by him).

I think another problem with Young Allies was that the first issue was $4, but there were only 22 pages of story. Even though the rest of the series was $3, the extra dollar they charged for the wikipedia summaries in the back of the first issue weren’t worth it. (They did the same thing with Avengers Acad which also made me wonder if the comics were planned as mini-series.)

Lemurian, I think it lasted six issues because the story arc was six issues. SWORD and Dr. Voodoo were both five issue arcs which is why they ended at five.

I was only reading Young Allies for Firestar. I so miss the original cast of the New Warriors. I thought the book was just average. I wanted to like it more, but I couldn’t. Having to reduce my comic budget recently Marvel is only helping me in that department. I’m sure though I’ll end up trying some of their other new books coming like Heroes for Hire or the new Thunderstrike title.

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