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George O'Connor's sketch of Bill O'Reilly

It is with great pride that I report that my facetious headline of the other day became… a thing! As you may remember, I picked up on a story of Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly bullying an editorial cartoonist who did an unflattering portrayal of him, and suggested we do Everybody Draw Bill O’Reilly Day.

The artists at Drawbridge, a daily sketch blog, saw the post and decided to make it their theme for the day! Check out this awesome gallery of Bill O’Reilly caricatures by George O’Connor, Joe Infurnari and their compatriots.

And independent of that, Bryant Paul Johnson was inspired to do his own O’Reilly caricature. One thing several people mentioned is that O’Reilly is fun to draw, which may make him a more frequent target in the future.



Okay we get it. You’re voting Democrat.

I don’t have a dog in this fight but I will say that most of those caricatures are really bad. If you didn’t know before looking that it was supposed to be O’Reilly, it would be difficult to guess who it was.

And fangs/forked tongues? Really? That’s high school. I’m surprised there were no Hitler ‘staches.

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