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Chris Ware covers The New Yorker

If it’s our umpteenth month with 9.5+% unemployment, it must be Chris Ware on the cover of this week’s “Money Issue” of The New Yorker, showing a family rendered faceless and hopeless by the economy. That’s our Chris — always good for a laugh!

In other news, you must read The ACME Novelty Library #20 when it comes out in November. That is all.

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Given the spacious, all-mod-cons kitchen (is that a TV set behind the lamp, there?) I’d say this cover is good for a laugh, yes. I can’t imagine that the irony in the image is unintentional.

Plus, I think it’s maybe intended as a wry self-portrait? Everyone’s faces are turned away, but that’s the basic makeup of Ware’s family unit…

Is everybody missing the little girl on the floor?

The perspective seems off in the sink area.

Jog — It’s also the family make-up of the woman with the prosthetic leg who shows up in Acme #18 and that oversized Kramers. I suspect that’s who it’s supposed to be, though you may well be right.

Apparently Ware did a two-page comic relating to the cover in this issue as well, so we’ll have to grab a copy off of the newsstand and see who’s right.

I don’t think the perspective at the sink is off, but the counter is really wide near the oven/stove

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