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Neonomicon #2

Retailing | Tallahassee, Fla., comics store Secret Headquarters has announced it is refusing to sell Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows’ Neonomicon #2 “due to pornographic content,” and will no longer carry the Avatar Press series: “Secret Headquarters is deeply dismayed that Alan Moore continues to use his reputation as a quality comics author to promote his bizarre sexual philosophies.” [Bleeding Cool]

Comic-Con International | It’s that time of year again: Memberships for Comic-Con 2011 go on sale at 9 a.m. PST Nov. 1. Note, though, that four-day memberships with Preview Night sold out on the last day of this year’s convention. [Comic-Con International]

New York Comic Con | Brigid Alverson rounds up the kids’ comics news from last weekend’s convention, while Kai-Ming Cha tackles manga. [Publishers Weekly]

Superman #703

Retailing | Cincinnati-area retailer Kendall Swafford will finally get his store’s 900 copies of Superman #703 today. The Cincinnati suburb of Cheviot has declared today “Superman Day” in anticipation of the issue, which depicts the Man of Steel visiting the region during his cross-country walk. []

Crime | A man who allegedly tried to steal a handful of vintage comics — among them was a copy of Whiz Comics #1, worth $11,000 — at New York Comic Con was stopped thanks to the intervention of retailer Matt Nelson. [New York Post]

Publishing | Douglas Wolk offers a brief history of Marvel’s Strange Tales titles, from 1951 to the present. [Techland]

Creators | Eva Volin posts video interviews with Atomic Robo collaborators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener and cartoonists Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier, both from last weekend’s New York Comic Con. [Good Comics for Kids]



I read that there is a pretty brutal rape scene in Neonomicon.

I haven’t read the comic so I can’t comment on that, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Alan Moore doesn’t endorse rape (even though it is something that appears a lot in his work).

I read the issue and am quite intrigued with what Moore and Burrows are doing with this comic. Yes there’s a rape involving Lovecraftian creatures, so it’s a pretty safe limb to be on that Moore doesn’t endorse inter-species tentacle rape.

Really it’s the retailer’s prerogative not to sale products they feel conflict with the ethics of their business model. Customers conversely can now choose to see if their own desires are in conflict with the business they’re currently supporting. There’s not really one party in the right or wrong here. It’s just opposing views in a free market economy.

Michael Bradley

October 13, 2010 at 6:29 pm

Captain Marvel first appeared in WHIZ COMICS #2.

A WHIZ COMICS #1 was never published.

The retailer is in a difficult position here. We’ve seen cases where store owners have been brought up on charges for carrying comics which contained questionable content, and it’s just not worth it for them to bother. A lot of the shit done lately in comics has a “Can you top this?” kind of vibe to it, and creators should consider the possible impact it might have on the retailers, and in the end the industry that supports them before they push the envelope.

I was more offended by the fact that the black male character was shot in the head before the Cthulhu-sex, while his white female partner wasn’t even threatened with violence…It always amazes me how black male characters are callously disposed of in ‘genre’ entertainment.

Alan Moore still rules, it’s just ‘killing the black guy first’ is such a horror movie cliche.

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