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Comic-Con International

Comic-Con | A reminder: Four-day and single-day passes for Comic-Con International go on sale Monday at 9 a.m. PT. Note, though, that four-day memberships with Preview Night sold out on the last day of this year’s convention (more could be released later, depending on returns and cancellations). Prices have increased oh so slightly, from $100 to $105 for four-day memberships and from $35 to $37 for single-day passes.

Convention organizers also announced the first 20 special guests for the 2011 event, including Jordi Bernet, Jo Chen, Alan Davis, David Finch, Dave Gibbons, Jonathan Hickman, Jamal Igle, Mark Tatulli and Roy Thomas. [Comic-Con International]

Legal | A federal judge on Wednesday blocked a new Massachusetts Internet law designed to protect children from sexually explicit material, say the legislation was so broad that it would criminalize legitimate websites and electronic communication. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was among the plaintiffs in the lawsuit opposing the statute. [The Boston Globe]

Apex Novelties

Passings | Tom Spurgeon has word that pioneering underground-comics publisher Don Donahue has died. No further details were available.  [The Comics Reporter]

Conventions | Ty Buttars is posting from the Lucca Comics and Games Festival in Italy. [Doing the Batusi]

Publishing | Here’s the official lowdown on interning for Marvel. []

Creators | Cartoonist Joshua Cotter‘s apartment in Chicago was damaged by fire, apparently caused by a candle a neighbor left burning. The AdHouse Books e-newsletter reports: “While certain items were damaged by either the flames, smoke or water, most of their belongings were spared. Also, everyone, including their cats survived and are healthy. Josh did NOT have renter’s insurance, so things are a bit tough for him right now. In the coming weeks we’ll announce how you might help Josh during this tough spot. But for now, just thank your sequential gods that he came out of this as best as he, his girlfriend, and his cats could.” [AdHouse Books]

Creators | Michael Cavna interviews Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore about his NewsToons app, the midterm elections and more. [Comic Riffs]

Sergio Aragonés

Creators | Sergio Aragonés chats briefly about the new retrospective collection MAD’s Greatest Artists: Sergio Aragonés: Five Decades of His Finest Works: “I see something I drew 40 years ago and I don’t remember it — it’s like someone told me a new cartoon!” [The Huffington Post]

Creators | Jill Thompson discusses Scary Godmother, bullying, Halloween and why kids enjoy being scared. [GeekMom]

Creators | Bryan Lee O’Malley answers questions about his work process. [Livejournal]

Creators | Kelly Sue DeConnick talks about her Osborn miniseries, her work process and more. [The Weekly Crisis]

Creators | Mike Rhode chats with brothers Joshua and Jonathan Luna, creators of Ultra, Girls and The Sword. [Washington City Paper]



Am i the only kid whose parents taught him to stop being scared and fight back against bullies?

Being the victim gets you so many more book an reality TV deals.

“Am i the only kid whose parents taught him to stop being scared and fight back against bullies?”

I fought back for years, it earns you as bad a reputation as being a bully does. You become a troublemaker, you get blamed when you stand up for yourself.

And in high school, it’s nearly impossible to stand up to bullies, because at this point most of them are now ensconced in the Protected Class of jocks (and I suppose for girls cheerleaders, they were just as viscous from my vantage point, maybe not as violent, but viscous). In my high school it was systematic and devious, they would assault targets from behind, spit on them from angles where you couldn’t point out WHO did it, in a crowded hallway, I got shoved tripped, punched in the back of the head, you can’t really stand up to someone you don’t ever get a good look at, or who has half a dozen buddies willing to flat out lie to cover their ass. And in the end, the administration always favored them because they were jocks, they were just ‘boys being boys’.

I actually had an assistant principal tell me to ‘suck it up’ the first and only time I tried to report the random attacks. It became clear there was no way around it. I was marked and I could either try to fight back (and get beaten because these guys never roamed alone) or I could just soldier through it and survive.

Still didn’t stop me from nearly taking my life. And I gave up on graduating. You think I was going to risk going into a shower with possible sociopaths? I refused to take a gym class, my attendance was so bad (I had to take a day off every week or so just to heal up and let my stomach settle from the constant stress of it) I could never have gotten into a college even if I cared about my grades.

Looking back, the smarter move would have been to drop out, find a job until I could get my GED and then move on from it.

But I was 16, I wasn’t exactly thinking straight, and I was, and still am stubborn as hell. I couldn’t fight it anymore, but I damn sure wasn’t going to let them force me out of school.

“And in high school, it’s nearly impossible to stand up to bullies,”

No it’s not. I went to a school where kids always tried to pick on people like me (skinny nerdy type). It helped teach me to be a man. It taught me toughness and how to be determined not to let myself be a victim. I can’t imagine what kind of sissies the country will be filled with in 10 years when the population expects every single problem they have to be remedied by a celebrity tweet.

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