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Did Pet Avengers strike your cat fancy? Try Space Quint

Space Quint

The folks at Marvel have had fans going ga-ga over pet incarnations of classic Marvel heroes and an all-animal squad of Avengers in Pet Avengers. Animals taking on human characteristics have been a staple of comics — look at Mickey Mouse — and that tradition is going on strong not only at Marvel but also in independent comics. Take a look at the webcomic Space Quint.

Launched in May 2010, Space Quint is a webcomic by artist Jessica Hickman. Updated every Tuesday, it follows a feline Flash Gordon of sorts, venturing across space and fighting against both humans and aliens to make his way in the world. The character of Space Quint appeared for years in various sketchbooks Hickman would put out, and reader support pushed her to give him his own comic.


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Yay, Quint! Jess is awesome and so is her space cat.

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