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Garfield creator Jim Davis resurrects U.S. Acres as a webcomic

U.S. Acres 2nd Volume (out of print)

Famed cartoonist Jim Davis, creator  Garfield, announced Thursday in an interview with USA Today’s Whitney Matheson that he is bringing back his late-’80s comic strip U.S. Acres as a webcomic. Davis, who launched Garfield in 1978, debuted U.S. Acres in 1986 to a then-unprecedented 505 newspapers nationwide. The series, which ran for three years, was a barnyard slapstick comic strip that drew inspiration from Garfield’s own visits to the farm with John’s relatives, and started Orson the Pig. The strip also was adapted for television, appearing as a regular segment of the Saturday-morning cartoon Garfield and Friends.

According to Davis, U.S. Acres will relaunch today as a webcomic on the Garfield website. No word on a new print collection, but one seems mighty likely.


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Well, having had a chance to field test the U.S. Acres pages, it seems that the Sunday comics sadly WON’T have the Fun Farm Facts that was part of the “throwaway panels” that was part of the series’ original run.

They also haven’t included the first several weeks of the strip back when Orson was still living with his brothers and just meeting the main cast such as Booker & Sheldon, who he helped hatch from their eggs. Anyone interested in their history can check out some early samples still available at this link:

Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to see what the original version of Plaid paint looked like:

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