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Help catch the jerk who stole two $125 comics

Pigeon Press wuz robbed! Publisher Alvin Buenaventura reports that his new publishing venture had two copies of the legendary, gigantic, expensive hardcover anthology Kramers Ergot 7 stolen from its table at APE this past Sunday morning. Buenaventura, who’s had a rough enough year as it is, is looking for help from any APE exhibitors and attendees who may have witnessed the thieves in action. With a book that size, they’d be hard to miss.

If you were at APE and you saw something, say something! Not only will you help catch a thief and (hopefully) facilitate the return of some very expensive merchandise, you’ll also help solve the mystery of how anyone could waltz away with two copies of a book roughly the size of a Great Dane.



My guess from this photo is the actress Rebecca Hall did it.

That’s not funny, Sean. Great Danes have been mistaken for books around the Bay Area for years. But ‘HAHA’, glad you got your laugh.

There’s a very suspicious-looking Dan Nadel lurking in the background of that photo. I’d call that a lead. ;)

Hopefully, the books will be found so I can take one off your hands all legit-like. Been looking for a copy for quite a while.

Hmm I was at the booth Sunday morning I think everyone was looking at Lisa while this young unsmiling guy took the book. Earlier he had been inquiring about whether certain books would go on sale at the end of the show

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