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Lobo rounds out DC’s Weird Worlds line-up

Weird Worlds #1

Last summer during the San Diego Comic Con, DC Comics announced a new six-issue anthology series called Weird Worlds, which would feature three different features. At the time, we found out that Aaron Lopresti was working on a new monster superhero called Garbageman. Then at the New York Comic Con earlier this month, Kevin Maguire said he was working on feature starring a new character named Tanga.

Rounding out the trio of features, according to DC’s January solicitations, is Lobo, written by Kevin Van Hook and drawn by Jerry Ordway. The cover, above, is one of the “iconic” ones that DC promised for January and features the first look at Maguire’s Tanga, I believe.

The last Czarnian also has his own DC Comics Presents collection in January, featuring him bounty-hunting Superman and teaming up with the Demon.



I love Ordway but, man, when I think “artist for Lobo,” that is NOT the who springs immediately to mind.

And I thought that was DC’s re-introduction of Swamp Thing at first.

Anything Maguire draws is a must-buy for me so I’m excited about this. Ordway is great too and I’m eager to see how his style works with a character like Lobo…

Hm, “Garbageman” reminds me more than a little of the old Ultraverse character Sludge, co-created by Lopresti. Lopresti even filled in for co-creator Steve Gerber on the writing for a few issues, and as I recall he wasn’t too bad.

The Lobo feature is almost a deal breaker for me, but I think I can suffer through it to support the rest. Also what is up with this cover, it is just three obviously different images slapped on a white background which just looks horrible. Frankly this entire “iconic” cover thing seems rushed.

Didn’t Ordway draw him in the above mentioned “Lobo hunts Superman” story, from before he got Bisleyized?

Tanga is in serious need of some depilation.

Why does “Garbageman” look like Swamp Thing?

Hey, what are you talking about? Garbage Man is brown and Swamp Thing is green!

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