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Marvel to lower prices in January on new titles [Updated]


It’s officially a trend: In the ICv2 Digital Comics Conference today, Marvel VP David Gabriel handed a couple of scoops to the crowd. Here’s the biggest: “Because of what digital comics are doing, we will be able to lower prices in January.”

He didn’t elaborate, but could that mean the hated $3.99 price point is a thing of the past?

Gabriel led up to this with some comments about how their digital comics are doing. “Just this week, we passed 2 million downloads,” he said. That doesn’t match the sales of a store like Midtown Comics, but the lines are drawing closer for some titles.

“Yesterday we released the Ultimate Thor book,” he said. “By tomorrow, we will have outsold what our top retailers have sold. There is an audience for that.” The digital sales have given the print edition a boost, he believes.

Update: Kiel Phegley has more information on the price change at Marvel over on the CBR home page. Gabriel confirmed that new books launching in January 2011 will not debut at $3.99. So it isn’t an across-the-board price reduction/page count reduction, like we saw from DC earlier today.



Good to hear that digital comics are going ok. Give it another year or two and we might be able to get most of DC and Marvel’s content on the app day-and-date

Mysterious Stranger

October 7, 2010 at 2:32 pm

The only way I can afford the $3.99 comics is by the simple fact that my shop offers a 30% discount for subscribers. That brings the pre-tax cost down to $2.79 for a $3.99 book, $3.06 with tax. If the $3.99 price point for the standard 32page book went away I’d be more inclined to try more titles. But even at $3.99 a pop I still won’t go to digital comics until they make an affordable reader that can display a 2-page spread at full size.

Especially in today’s economy, it is great news to see that reduction in price. It’s a shame, however, that a reduction in content (albeit small) has to accompany the decision. I think the 2.99 price point will work very well and boost sales.

It is still entirely possible that the price cut will go line wide, especially after this weekend when DC gets more praise for their cut.

Bring the print down to $2.00

Where is my the comic book website-funded investigative journalist who has the breakdown of the “actual” costs per comic per company?

DC is going back to $3 on ALL ongoing titles.
Marvel isn’t lowering ongoing titles at all and all “new” books will be $3?

It’s not even a hard choice to drop most Marvel titles at this point. Having read Marvel for almost a decade it’s heart breaking to see them not cater to their readership the way DC is.

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