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Morrison reigns supreme in full-length My Chemical Romance video

Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison

MTV has posted the full-length video for My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na,” which, like the teaser clip that was released last month, features the band in a shootout with Grant Morrison and his gang of masked thugs. And if the end is any kind of indication, I think we can expect a sequel.

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video was cool if only the music was not so goddamn bad.

I used to not like MCR, but at one point circumstances caused me to look inside and figure out why, and I came to the conclusion that I was unfairly judging the band based on their incredibly lame fans, without actually giving the music a chance. Well, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge still sucks, but Black Parade was actually good.
So, yes, I am looking forward to their new CD if it stays as good as it is in this video.

I’ve heard of MCR, but never actually heard any of their songs until I caught this on the radio a few days ago. (Thanks to SHAZAM for telling who the band was) I think its a pretty cool song. It actually made me check out a few of their other songs, but none of them were any good, too mellow compared to this track.

The video is cool, but I like the other version I saw on Youtube that just shows the lyrics and associated pictures. Check it out if you haven’t already seen it.

Music and video are fucking terrible. As expected.

I’ve never liked MCR and this video certainly hasn’t convinced me to change my mind. I wish Grant Morrison would have chosen a better band to make his music video debut. Hey Grant, next time ask Maynard J. Keenan the lead singer of Tool if he has an opening in their next video. His face is much too cool for MCR.

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