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New comic spins up with Spinning To Infinity

While advance solicitations let us know about upcoming print comics, where are those advance notices of upcoming webcomics? Here’s one — an upcoming webcomic from writer Steve Horton called Spinning To Infinity.

Page from 'Spinning To Infinity' by artist mpMann

Spinning To Infinity is a unique story serialized in one-page increments with each page telling a standalone story with a new artist on every story; consider it an anthology of stories with an over-riding story-arc. Horton has over 30 artists on-board, with openings for a couple more. Sequential artists are encouraged to contact him at  Horton plans to launch the series later this year as an online comic.

Page from 'Spinning to Infinity' by artist Sarah Ellerton



This looks like it’s gonna be good!

Each one is so distinct and individual. it looks like people are taking the opportunity to open the throttle on these.

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