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Now read this: Kevin Colden’s Strangle/Switch

Before his I Rule the Night strip was picked up by the now-defunct Zuda Comics, Kevin Colden entered a strip called Strange/Switch for consideration into the competition. It was about “a schizophrenic musician named Geoff finds a guitar that gives him the power to kill people and was essentially a take on Faust,” but it never went anywhere.

With the launch of a new art blog, Colden has posted the eight-page story; go check it out.



Perfect Horror Halloween story

Great stuff!
If there is an upside to Zuda’s ending, it’s that creators (like Kevin) were exposed to a wider audience (like me) and as they continue to create stuff, we’ll follow them.
I realize this is an older piece, but still—
Great little 8-pager– particularly dig how he captures the guitar– which, as a mid-level guitarist, I can appreciate. It’s a tough instrument to pull off on the page– Kudos to Kevin to getting it “right”.

Bonus Trivia: Panel 2 is a “D” Chord.

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