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NYCC ’10 | DC’s Batman Beyond moves from miniseries to ongoing

Batman Beyond #1

Batman Beyond, the six-issue miniseries based on the Warner Bros. cartoon, will become an ongoing series in January, DC Comics announced this afternoon.

Writer Adam Beechen (Countdown, Justice League Unlimited) and artist Ryan Benjamin (Midnighter & Grifter, Iron Man) will continue as the creative team on the title, which will relaunch with a new Issue 1.

Announced in March at Emerald City Comicon, the miniseries debuted in June, and centers on Terry McGinnis, the future Batman, as he grapples with a strained relationship with mentor Bruce Wayne and the emergence of a new killer with ties to the Dark Knight’s past. The fifth issue of what DC calls “the surprise hit of the season” will be released on Oct. 20.

Warner Bros. Animation’s Batman Beyond aired for 52 episodes from January 1999 to December 2001, and spawned an earlier DC Comics miniseries as well as a short-lived ongoing title.



So I guess the next question is will the new main series tie into main DCU or continue on with the animated DCU Batman Beyond. Oh well… w/e so long as it’s good. I would like more about the main universe DCU Batman Beyond though.

If it follows directly on from the mini I don’t think I’ll be impressed. I already don’t care for the timeline – and the last issue made it worse.

I will give DC this, they know to kill my excitement.

Gotta agree with Blue Saint on this one. I absolutely LOVED Batman Beyond the animated series, so naturally I was pretty excited to see a Batman Beyond mini.

That is, until I saw the art on the title. Ryan Benjamin does pretty much nothing for me artistically an aesthetically speaking.

I don’t know what it is about DC giving mediocre artists high profile books: Tony Daniel, David Finch, and Ryan Benjamin…these guys aren’t exactly master craftsmen. Maybe it’s because they can provide a high output of work.

I could never get really excited about ‘Batman Beyond’. it was alright and had some high points, but I really don’t get the strong devotion some people have to the series.

I’ve enjoyed the Batman Beyond mini (except for the last issue), so I’ll be picking this up.


I love Batman Beyond, but I absolutely hate the mini-series, so I definitely will not be buying the ongoing series.

DC really just didn’t know what they had with Batman Beyond. They slept on relaunching the concept for years now, then they finally give it to us, but not without making sure it sucks first. Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin are two of the worst creators to put on an ongoing title, because their mini-series was crap. It’s a real shame that the Batman Beyond concept and Dustin Nguyen’s great covers are being wasted on this. I hope we eventually get a better Batman Beyond comic in the future with Damian Wayne as Terry’s mentor.

Have to say that I was ok with this mini-series until the ending of the last issue. Why do people have to keep screwing with Dick Grayson? First Dark Knight Strikes Again and no this series. And how was it physically possible for Dick to be talking to Terry at the same time that he was fighting the Batbot? I like a little logic in my comics thank you very much(thus why the only Marvel book I’m still buying is X-Factor).

One more point I would like to make is that I think Paul Levitz would have made a much better choice after reading his Batman Beyound/Superman story.

I should probably read my posts a little bit closer for spelling errors.

Wow i can’t believe ur statement, those are some artist, like art, beauty is in the one of the beholder, so that answers why Ryan Benjamin is on it, and why i can accept ur OPINION.

honestly i feel the same as many other people, love the cartoon (now that i know he is bruce wayne’s son), and like the mini series; just realy dislike the idea of my all time favorite side-kick turned hero Dick Grayson amount to nothing in the dc univerese, but worse become a villain of his great mentor!!? i dislike the mini series for this alone. Hope it’s not true, (since we never new of him in the animated series, i always hoped he had become some new great hero of the justice league or something) Still like the idea of the official series.

I once again demand that at some point we see a return of the character Zeta from the BB spinoff. I need closure on his story, dammit

This isn’t a surprise, DC

People love Batman Beyond

So how about you actually give them a decent creative team on the book? God this mini is such shit.

Can’t they do anything right over there? Adam’s writing was ok but the art was horrid.

I thought the first two issues of the mini were pretty good. Ryan Benjamin’s art may not be for everyone, but it didn’t bother me. What DID come to bother me was the way Bruce was acting. Constantly yelling at Terry and repeatedly telling him that he’s tired of his constant failures is NOT how Bruce has ever acted in Batman Beyond continuity. Especially since, as confirmed by Terry’s discussion with Tim Drake, the mini takes place after Return of the Joker. That event should have left no doubt in Bruce’s mind that Terry was Batman, in name and spirit.

I would have been onboard if the series was given to a team that cared about the legacy of the series (Dini and Nguyen; come on DC!), but I’ll be passing on this.

DC seems to think that the mini-series was a big hit because of that particular creative team, when it was really because of it simply being BATMAN BEYOND and there are a lot of Batman Beyond fans out there that have been hungry for a series. Unfortunately, even the biggest, most loyal Batman Beyond fan is going to stop paying for crap at some point.

Just what we needed! Another mnonthly Batman comic. What’s the count up to now? 22? 30?

Crap. Same creative team = no buy for me. Droped mini after second isuue due to it’s godawfulness.

@ Zakuraba: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Another Batman ongoing? And they say Wolverine and Deadpool have too many comics.

Wow! I am really surprised there are so many here that dislike the mini. I am really loving it so far. The art isn’t the greatest, but I find the story to be very compelling and the relationships between the characters feel as if they are real relations that we all have with people around us. I’m not sure that I’ll be picking up the ongoing due to budget constraints, but it will be heavily considered at the very least.

And as for there being so many Batman series (as well as Superman, Wolverine, Deadpool, Avengers, X-Men, etc.), it seems clear to me that new concepts just aren’t selling and aren’t enough to sustain ongoing books. There have been plenty of recent critically acclaimed series squashed due to lower sales. It is up to us, the fan base, to try to get the names of these books out there if we want them to survive. Marvel and DC have to rely on the name value of their hottest and best known commodities, as they are the only things with staying power. That is just the state of the industry right now, unfortunately.

I personally don’t give a damn about Batman Beyond (too much like Spiderman, not enough like Batman for me), but Josh B is absolutely right: Paul Dini should be writing this.

Y’know who should have gotten art duties for this book? Fred Williams II

Hey guys, I’m not crazy about the art either, but as far as being upset about Hush Beyond being Dick Grayson, why don’t we wait a little to make sure that is the case? Remember that the “reveal” that he is Dick Grayson could be a red herring. Remember that the original Hush faked Jason Todd’s return and then made himself look like Bruce? Beechen may just be copying a page from one of those books with Hush Beyond. I plan on picking this book up unless the last 2 issues of the mini go way, way south.

Dick Grayson is as good as dead people get over it. yes he was the original robin, but who loved robin to begin with anyways ? all of a sudden he becomes a villan and all u fake fanboys curl up and cry that robins a bad guy seriously get over it people your fav heros cant live forever now

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