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NYCC ’10 | DiDio addresses fate of Jimmy Olsen, other DC co-features

Jimmy Olsen, from the Action Comics co-feature

The announcement on Thursday that DC Comics will eliminate co-features as part of an effort to lower cover prices left many wondering about the fates of stories like the well-received Jimmy Olsen adventure in Action Comics and the upcoming Jim Gordon serial in Detective Comics.

In DC’s press release, Co-Publisher Dan DiDio pledged that “some of these characters will find a new platform,” but he didn’t offer any additional information — at least until Friday’s “DC Nation” panel at New York Comic Con. There DiDio told the crowd that the newly launched Jimmy Olsen co-feature, by Nick Spencer and R.B. Silva, will conclude as a one-shot. Other backup stories may get their own specials or miniseries.

According to Comic Book Resources’ panel report, DiDio and Jeff Lemire “strongly suggested” Lemire will write an Atom ongoing series. The character now stars in an Adventure Comics co-feature by Lemire and Mahmud Asrar.

DC will lower the price of all of its standard-length ongoing titles from $3.99 to $2.99 beginning in January, and cut the number of story pages from 22 to 20 in 32-page comic. The move will also mean the elimination of co-features in eight titles: Action Comics (Jimmy Olsen); Adventure Comics (Atom); Batman: Streets of Gotham (Ragman); Detective Comics (Jim Gordon); Doc Savage (Justice Inc.); Justice League of America (Cyborg); Legion of Super-Heroes; and The Spirit (The Spirit: Black & White).



I’d buy an Atom ongoing.

The reduction in page count does not bother me in the least. In today’s world of decompression and splash pages, it’s not as if twenty or twenty-two pages a month is a difference at all.

I’d like to see the Jimmy Olsen and Jim Gordon co-features moved online

Preferably in a 20 pages a month format, but I’ll take what I can get

I’d buy a Jimmy Olsen ongoing.

I would also buy a Jimmy Olsen ongoing.

I’ll be honest…. I loved the Jimmy Olsen co-feature. I loved it about $1 a month’s worth… but if it went ongoing, i dont think I loved it $3 a month’s worth. Just like how the Atom will lose my cash. I’ll stick it out for the Legion, but Ray Palmer just isn’t worth $3 a month. Still I’m stoked that overall I’m dropping $1 a month on a ton of titles… saves me like $18-$20 every month.

I actually had no problem paying $3.99 for the extra story pages in Legion. With that huge cast, Levitz actually NEEDS that extra room! But looking at the DC nation panel report, it looks like there’s a second Legion title coming next year plus there’s the stories in Adventure Comics, so I guess I can’t complain too much about not getting enough Legion!

I would buy a Jimmy Olsen ongoing as well as an Atom ongoing (and I guess I will get to). I’ve also liked both Spirits pretty well, so I didn’t mind paying $4 for that title. Or Legion. Of course, I always prefer to pay less.

I love Doc Savage, but that book is HORRIBLE. I think Doc Savage should be dropped and let Justice Inc continue; it was far more interesting (to me, anyway).

Not just because of the $3.99 nonsense, I’ve recently dropped quite a few titles. The books had lost their “fun” factor. I’m all for experimenting and trying new things, but for me, the experiment of the last few years at DC has driven out so much of the enjoyment. The DC Universe is now darker, but not in a good way. Characters I’ve loved (like Tim Drake/Robin) I’ve grown to not even care about any longer (I even made a Robin costume one year for Halloween!).

Books I used to be thrilled to read (JLA, JSA, Teen Titans, Titans, for example) have become showcases for writing by the numbers and having arbitrary events to create excitement and drama, but that’s really boring. Not every issue has to be 100%, but 60% isn’t too much to ask. All the books I have dropped, though, barely qualify as 40%.


October 10, 2010 at 8:26 pm

I’d prefer a Jimmy Olsen ongoing by that creative team than an Atom ongoing by Lemire.

Lemire is good and all, but I got that Atom one-shot, and it was really boring.
Spencer’s Olson was ten times as entertaining in a third of the pages.

Add my voice to the chorus: Bring back Superman’s Best Pal Jimmy Olsen already!

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