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On your next trip to Italy, stay in comic book splendor

The Spider-Man Room at Villa Comics

The Spider-Man Room at Villa Comics

If you’ve been thinking of heading to Italy and want to stay somewhere close to the water, Villa Comics has six rooms available with a private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, minibar and a comic book theme.

Located in the Gulf of Policastro – Cilento, “the theme is ‘comics,’” their website reads, “and each room is named after a comic character. There are room in honour of: Little Nemo, Tin Tin, Spiderman, Uncle $crooge, Corto Maltese, Spirit and Dylan Dog. Each room is decorated with a colourful canvas. Whether you’re a comic fan, or not, you’ll be enthralled by the attention to detail and the way in which ‘comics’ seeks to transport its guest into the world of fantasy to which each room has been dedicated.”

The proprietor, Gianfranco Martuscelli, is a cartoonist who wanted to combine his passions for comics and tourism.

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Does anyone know who the original artist is on that image? I’ve owned a poster of that since 1996 and it’s framed in my office to this day. The artist signature is somewhat unrecognizable and I’ve been trying to find out who painted it ever since I bought it. It looks like “Virt” and he painted it in 1995.

This is so cool and the sea in Vibonati is so beautiful!

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