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Read Hellen Jo’s Jin & Jam #1 online

from Jin & Jam #1 by Hellen Jo

Well, this is an unexpected delight: Jin & Jam #1, Hellen Jo’s auspicious 2008 Sparkplug debut, is now available online in its entirety at Jordan Crane’s indispensable webcomics portal What Things Do. Part Maggie & Hopey, part Tekkon Kinkreet, it’s the story of two teenage troublemakers and, well, the trouble they make, drawn with a really memorably rubbery and kinetic line by Jo.

Incidentally, you’ve all put What Things Do in your RSS readers, right? With a lineup of creators that includes Jo, Crane, Gabrielle Bell, Abner Dean, Sammy Harkham, Jaime Hernandez, Kevin Huizenga, Ted May, John Porcellino, Ron Regé Jr., Steve Weissman, and Dan Zettwoch, how could you not?



Why didn’t I know about this? This is my new favorite shit ever.

Really phenomenal artwork but it took me a little while to get used to the way the characters spoke.

Post this kind of stuff more often, Sean, it really adds some nice flavor to the day.

A really interesting read. It took me awhile near the end before I figured out that the twin girls were actually siamese twins, which explained why they were always side by side. I also like the casual interaction between the girls and boys. There’s no sexual tension or teasing – it’s straight up simple dialogue.

I’ll have to admit, when I saw the sample image you posted here, I thought it “looked” Japanese, even though it wasn’t. Emulating Tekkon Kinkreet without actually aping their style is quite an accomplishment in itself. Mention should also go to the background imagery which reminded me of Derik Kim Kim’s work.

I didn’t know What Things Do had an RSS feed now. Along with The Holy Consumption they do some of the best comics on the web, even though a lot of them started in print.

Sean T. Collins

October 7, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Chris, I promise you that any time I’m on duty and an altcomic of note goes online, I’ll post about it!

And man was I wrong to pass up Jin & Jam when it came out.

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