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Robot 666 | Behind the scenes of a Christian haunted house in “Crossfader”

from "Crossfader" by Dan Zettwoch

from "Crossfader" by Dan Zettwoch

Another day, another link to Jordan Crane’s must-read What Things Do webcomics portal. This time it’s Dan Zettwoch’s “Crossfader,” which originally ran in the equally indispensable print anthology Kramers Ergot 6. Using Zettowch’s trademark diagram-style layouts, it’s a good-natured look at a fictional midwestern church’s Fall Festival “haunted house,” the centerpiece attraction of which is a lighting trick that transforms a girl into a gorilla. (I think this represents “the horrors of evolution.”) Chances are good you’ve never read comics quite like Zettwoch’s before — it’s no sin to check ‘em out.



Zettwoch reminds me a little bit of a more “family friendly” version of Chris Ware, in terms of his attention to geometry as per page layouts and penchant for labels. Pretty much no similarities beyond that, though.

It’s interesting, because even though it’s clearly about kids and for the most part “safe” for kids aside from a cuss here or there I can tell that I would’ve had no interest in this stuff as a child-far too busy and draws your attention in too many different directions. It works more as a study of structure than as an actual story, I think, and I don’t necessarily mean that as an insult. I liked the other Zettwoch comic they have up better, though.

Yeah, it’s safe for kids, but it’s definitely intended for an adult audience, Chris. I quite like your point about “it works more as a study of structure than as an actual story”–I think that’s a pretty solid description of Zettwoch’s stuff generally, and explains both why it works when it works and why it doesn’t when it doesn’t. For me, at least.

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