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Robot 666 | Fantagraphics gets frightening in a pair of kids’ comics

Something spooky this way comes: Over on the Fantagraphics website, you can find previews and pre-order info for a pair of creepy kids comics from European comics superstars. First up is Toys in the Basement from Blab! mainstay Stéphane Blanquet, about a kid who shows up for a friend’s Halloween party in an embarrassing bunny costume, only to get stranded in the basement with a secret society of very pissed-off toys. Fanta puts it this way: “Imagine Toy Story as reimagined by David Lynch and Charles Burns and you’ll have a good idea of what this story is like. And yes, it is for kids!” Sold!

Next up is The Littlest Pirate King by Epileptic genius David B., adapted from a story by Pierre Mac Orlan. In this tale, a baby is adopted as the mascot for a crew of undead pirates, but things change as he grows up. Fanta notes that this will be David B.’s first full-color graphic novel to be released in English, and that alone makes it worth the price of admission even if you don’t enjoy pirate skeletons, in which case I don’t wanna know you anyway. All-ages meets All Hallow’s Eve!



These are both great stories. There’s spooky stuff, but most older elementary school-age kids (the ones who aren’t totally scared by Bambi and Casper) shouldn’t have any problem. When my younger son was 8 years old, he loved Courage the Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network – both these books are MILDER than that cartoon show. (and better written, both of them)

An excerpt from Toys in the Basement is available in an ashcan size comic for Halloween – I ordered some from my local comics shop, along with the other Halloween-themed comics. I’m giving one comic to each student in my school for a Halloween treat.

Check Robot 6 tomorrow for a preview of The Littlest Pirate King!

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