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Robot 666 | Kate Beaton draws Dracula

Becky Cloonan’s “Sluts of Dracula” post hinted that this might be on the way, and behold, it’s a thing of beauty: Historical and literary gag cartoonist extraordinaire Kate Beaton takes on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the Victorian classic of horror and sex (and horror of sex). She nails it. Or drives a stake through it, whichever. Read the whole thing.



This is a bit sexist considering the previous ‘quote of the week’ where she took offense at a sexist remark, don’t you think?

Sean T. Collins

October 28, 2010 at 1:11 pm

I was wondering how many comments we’d get before someone said something stupid–“one” was my guess! What do I win?

With any luck, Kalebhammer, by really stickin’ it to Kate Beaton for speaking up, together we can foster a climate in which no man need ever be made aware that there are things men do that bother women. For great justice!

I’m sorry I hit a hot button for you, but the comic is a bit sexist. I don’t think that she was out of line with her comment and concerns about the ‘compliment’ that she received, I also think that she can write and draw whatever she would like. Criticism is a part of publishing (including blogs). If you can’t take the criticism, get out of the business. You seem to be a fan and possibly a friend and that’s great. The comic seems to be good and has a good following, and that’s great, too, but if you’re going to be sexist and then complain about sexism with other people, you should expect to be called on it. It’s nice that you’re creating an atmosphere where people can express their opinions free from childish tantrums and name-calling, though.

But how is that comic sexist?

Sean T. Collins

October 28, 2010 at 5:05 pm

I’d certainly like to learn how a comic that’s clearly a satire on sexism is sexist too, Kevin.

Kalebhammer, I didn’t call you names.

I would call that comic ironic more than sexist, cause you knoy, it is the victorian era. Women voting would be preposterous

What I bet he’s going to say is that it’s sexist because the idea that a man wouldn’t want to have sex with a woman who craves knowledge is offensive to men.

I will see if I’m right.

That was my hunch too, Chris.

In Victorian era, men wanting to sleep with women who want to vote would be preposterous too?

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