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These are their stories: SVU star creates comic

Christopher Meloni meets a fan at NYCC

Add Law & Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni to the list of celebrities who are turning to comics for their next big project: Meloni took a break from playing the buttoned-down Detective Stabler on the show to come up with the concept for AvaTom, a dark story about a software developer who creates a software system that turns around and takes control of its creator’s life, for Ape Entertainment. Jason Burns will script the comic, and Ramon Espinoza is the artist, but Burns insists Meloni was involved in the comic every step of the way.

Last year, Meloni was the voice of Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern: First Flight DVD series, so his comics credentials are in good order.

The poster for AvaTom, which definitely plays up Meloni’s role, is below the cut.



I would make out with this man.

Fair enough, but the celeb-as-producer comics really need to go away. Has there been a decent one yet that wasn’t just a movie pitch disguised as a comic book?

The comic looks cheesy… but dammit, it’s Elliot Stabler. How can I turn it down?

Earth-2 Chad:

I’m sure there have been a few, although the only one I can think of on my shelf is “We Will Bury You”, which was only OK. I haven’t seen many because they haven’t tended to make it to collection, but as a guy whose first love is film, I kind of look at it as a glass half-full: Potentially intriguing pitches that otherwise would have gone nowhere are getting seen, and the people working on them are probably getting more creator participation in this particular work-for-hire than they would at Marvel or DC.

“Right next to the POWDER PACKETS”

When you open the comic, it should make that L&O “dom-dom” sound.


I was wondering where he’d find the time to create a comic, what with all the fridge-humping.

Why isn’t this about a scantily clad SVU detective who likes to fight sex crimes in his underwear? Life is really unfair.

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