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Tomasi and Gleason’s Batman and Robin debut delayed

The new cover to Batman and Robin #17

Paul Cornell and Scott McDaniel will unite for a three-issue arc on Batman and Robin as the debut of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason as the new regular creative team is delayed until February.

As announced in July, Tomasi and Gleason were to take the reins from Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart with November’s Issue 17. However,  Editor Mike Marts tells that their work on Brightest Day led to difficulties.

“Both Peter and Patrick were pulling double duty on Brightest Day and Batman and Robin — no easy task, even for dedicated and hard-working creators like these guys,” Marts tells the website in an e-mail. “So rather than have them running ragged on both titles we decided to make their lives a little easier by delaying the start of the run on Batman and Robin. This way, they can give priority to the important storylines they’re taking care of now in Brightest Day, then recharge and refocus for their debut on B&R.”

Cornell, who’s been busy with Action Comics and the Knight and Squire miniseries, says his arc features a new villain and centers on the theft of the corpse of one of Bruce Wayne’s former girlfriends.

“This is a very dark story, in the Grant Morrison tradition,” Cornell says, “with some evil stuff going on under the surface and some mad bubbles on top.”



That’s a good fill-in team (more interested in them than the regular team, if I’m being honest), but man, what is the deal with scheduling over at DC these days?

Paul Cornell is currently one of my faves at DC… I can’t wait to see what he’s got planned in B&R.

a corpse theft?!!?!?


@Earth-2 Chad: DC’s whole scheduling debacle with the way this Return of Bruce Wayne/Batman and Robin/etc has been horrendous. I don’t understand how something years in the making can be so thoroughly botched and released out of order. I keep hearing it’s the artists, but when you have one artist doing ONE issue only in the case of ROBW and Irving’s arc having been announced with plenty of lead time was only THREE issues (4 if you count the DELAYED Bruce Wayne #4), there’s no reason for that.

Ten to one Finch does no more than two issues of Dark Knight before it’s either changed to every other month or just delayed after delayed…

Scott McDaniel? Scott McDaniel !? Are you ****img kidding me? **** you, DC, it’s your top title, show some respect.

I am not crazy about McDaniel’s work…but love Cornell…I was planning to drop the title when Morrison was finito…but I think I might hang on for a few more issues. Yeah…DC stop screwing with this kind of stuff…it is disrespectful to fans/customers. As if you didn’t know that Tomasi was doing Brightest Day…come on…another thing..I for one am getting sick of mini/maxi series starting as 1 of 10 on the first issue, only to balloon to 1 of 12 by issue 3…Batman Odyssey I am looking at you…among others. Speaks volumes of a lack of real planning, editing or just plain old greed.

Paul Cornell and Willow Wilson doing “fill-ins” has me buying books I hadn’t planned on… let’s see them both get a bit more regular work! (I know Paul’s on Action, but, this was actually a lineup change, as well….)

While I’m excited to see Paul Cornell in Gotham….

Scott McDaniel is TURRIBLE. Just TURRIBLE.

How on Earth do you follow the likes of Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Andy Clarke and Frazier Irving with…..Scott McDaniel? Either someone at DC has grossly misjudged this man’s talent/appeal or McDaniel has some serious hardcore dirt on someone high up.

The only reason I will buy this is for Paul Cornell, I do not buy any title that features Scott McDaniel, I prefer artists that can actually draw.

Charles, for the most part, it seems like DC’s got the Batman scheduling fixed. There are still some quirks it seems but it makes some sense now.

As for this news, that was a pretty big disappointment for me as I’m really looking forward to Tomasi & Gleason on B&R. It’s understandable and I’d rather the team get the time they need to turn in quality work. The good part is that I should save a little money for a few months since I probably won’t be picking this up.

A little bit disappoint since I was really looking forward to Tomasi/Gleason run (They did great on GLC, and hell Morrison hand picked them to take over).

But I love Cornell so even a dead last minute arc by him will be good. I don’t like McDaniel but his inclusion makes sense since he is a fast artist and this is an 11th hour addition.

I guess I’m in the minority in that the ONLY reason I will be picking this up is because of Scott McDaniel doing the artwork. :-P

Super Black Moses

October 26, 2010 at 9:37 am

Wow, I can’t believe all the hate thrown towards McDaniels. I actually like his work and he was one of the only things I liked about the Nightwing series.

He CAN draw or he wouldn’t have been put on the book or any books. Plus, he’s able to meet deadlines and that in its self should be respected.

I’d take him over any superstar artist who can’t commit to a title.

I’d honestly rather the book just not come out for three months.


Luckily, you can just not buy the title for 3 months.

hey Christian, or you could do the smart thing and just NOT buy the title for those 3 months!

Or are you one of these idiot’s who thinks having a complete run of a title actually means anything anymore?!?

Super Black Moses

October 26, 2010 at 10:01 am

@Lawrence – That’s a win, win for everybody. Christian saves money and we (the ones who like the art) get our McDanials art. OH HAPPY DAY!

It’s just a shame. I knew the title was going to slip a little bit quality wise when Morrison left, I mean, nobody can be Morrison/Quitely.

I just didn’t think it’d slip THIS far. I mean, this is like Batman: Confidential levels artwise.

I do love me some Cornell though.

For years I’ve been hoping Patrick Gleason would get a chance to work on a Batman book because his clear storytelling, creepy atmosphere and the way his characters “act” is a perfect fit. So I’m sorry it will be delayed three months, but I’ll survive. (I’ll probably just skip these issues and save $9 rather than call for Scott McDaniel’s severed hands.)

I thought it was strange to book Gleason on a monthly book while Brightest Day still has another fourteen issues to go. He doesn’t draw in every issue (he wasn’t in #4, 5 or 10) and sometimes he only has two or three pages (#11 for example), but when he’s given some worthwhile pages he knocks it out of the park. #12 was probably the best issue of the series so far and that was due entirely to Gleason cutting loose.

Whenever Patrick Gleason’s Batman and Robin comes out it will be great and worth the wait.

I figure McDaniel got the assignment because he can draw quickly, something few other artists at DC these days capable of doing…

Oh the days when people was able to write/draw a good comic in a month.

Super Black Moses

October 26, 2010 at 10:20 am

@Votapardo – PREACH BROTHER!


But B&R is already going to be double shipping in November because #16 is so late. Why not just give Cornell an artist that doesn’t draw stuff like…this….

Am I the only person who likes McDaniel and dislikes Cornell?

Yes Kevin. You are. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Super Black Moses

October 26, 2010 at 10:38 am

“Yes Kevin. You are. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

@Christian – Ok, now you’re being silly…

Well, they are funnybooks my friend.

Super Black Moses

October 26, 2010 at 10:49 am

So true, we all tend to forget that sometimes. :)

I was on the fence about keeping this book going after Morrison leaves. A fill in story is all I needed to drop it from ye olde pull list. I’ll replace it with Batman Inc to keep going with Morrison’s arc, but clearly B&R is now as superfluous as Streets of Gotham.

Quite a shame how the books are getting so messed up at what should be the high point of a new direction.

Man, Cornell is a great addition to this book, but putting McDaniel on this is a huge slap in the face to this book – its like if DC put Mark Bagley on a flagship title . . . . oh wait . . . . =(

Scott McDaniel is a good artist, ever since his Nightwing run. Taking one panel and making it seem like his character modeling is off is just ridiculous, go read a Greg Land book to see bad art.

He gets a chance to draw Dick again (along with his current Detective Comics run). Disappointed in DC’s scheduling problems but this is a good team to step in for a few months.

McDaniel used to be great, but he’s just gotten too cartoony and exaggerated, and this from a guy who doesn’t even mind cartoony. His stuff just hasn’t aged that well.

That’s sweet, Christian. But then again, since you’re a Cornell fan, I hope you enjoy three issues of blatant misogyny. :-)





That is without a doubt the strangest, most non-sequitur complaint about Paul Cornell’s work I’ve ever heard.

Just occurred to me it’s oddly appropriate for McDaniel to do an arc of Batman & Robin. The guy has probably drawn Dick Grayson as Nightwing more than any other comic book artist has and I don’t think he’s ever drawn the Dick-Bat.

@Sean T. Collins – No kidding, I just started laughing in a library after reading that.

Scheduling these days? Or their openess about scheduling these days?

Whatever. So long as the comics come out more-or-less regularly with a great creative team – and, c’mon, Paul Cornell alone is awesome – who cares? I’m starting to think the greatest enemy of the comic book industry are the strange, malformed brains of their own fans.

Hey, McDaniel’s not a terrible artist. And even if he was, I’d buy it. I’ve read a lot of great books with borderline crappy art (interestingly, a lot of them are Grant Morrison comics — early Doom Patrol, some Animal Man, parts of New X-Men, early JLA, etc.).

Oh yeah, Cornell’s not misogynistic at all. No way. Sure. *rolls eyes*

Go re-read his disgusting Black Widow mini-series and see for yourself.

If there’s misogyny in Paul Cornell’s comics it’s anything but blatant, because I’ve never noticed it.

Check out Black Widow: Deadly Origin, then. I never drop mini-series, but I stopped even flipping through it in the shop for fear of vomiting in public.

Paul Cornell is great writer but unfortunatelly this time I’ll pass. Ain’t gonna ruin me eyes with another McDaniel mess.

Kevin Brettauer

You completely misfired on the BW mini.

Its about russian military during the cold war. Of course there will be some inappropriate actions/words towards women, Esp a threatening one like the Widow. That’s how things were back then. In Soviet Union…….

I don’t mind Mcdaniel,

It wasn’t about anything historical, Trey. It was about how Marvel was promoting the hell out of Black Widow as one of their major female characters as a dual “Year of Marvel Women” thing/Iron Man 2 promo, and the plot they allowed for the mini-series was…Nat’s father figure got shot down when he wanted to sleep with her so he injected her with a robo-STD? That’s just creepy and weird, and definitely the wrong message to be sending given the promotion of their female characters and the film ties.

I read that as the guy being a fucked up weirdo, not a BIG STATEMENT on women.

In any case he handled the female characters quite well in Captain britain I felt.

But in any case judging Cornell and condemning him for BLACK WIDOW of all things is weird to me, its the worst things he’s done reading it I felt he put no effort into it. If you’re going to judge him do it on something good he did like Captain Britain, or DXM or Action or something.

No writer is defined simply by his quality works. You look at his entire output or none of it. Captain Britain was alright, as was Dark X-Men, but he’s never really pulled me into anything as much as many others do, and BW was a bit too awkward for me.

Super Black Moses

October 26, 2010 at 3:49 pm

I like them both (Cornell and McDaniel), no artist or writer is 100% all the time. That’s the beauty of paying for this stuff, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it and that is freedom my friends! Now let’s all hold hands and sing…until we find something else to bitch about :) ahhhhh freedom…

BW was really awkward to me too, but to go into absolutes and proclaim everything he writes as mysoginistic is a logical fallacy too big to tolerate.

I didn’t say everything he writes carries the same philosophy. You’ll notice I mentioned reading both Captain Britain and Dark X-Men without mentioning anything of the sort, but BW was weird and creepy enough for me to just ignore any subsequent work from him.

Stupid “publish” button. I accidentally clicked it before I could say that the fact that misogyny was implicit in Black Widow is enough to help me come to that conclusion, because it could just as easily emerge again without warning.

Paul Cornell wrote a weird, bad thing happening to a woman in one comic. Therefore this behavior will show up in his other comics, therefore Paul Cornell hates all women.


Sean T. Collins

October 26, 2010 at 5:06 pm

I haven’t read Cornell’s BW, but based on Kevin’s description, it sounds like an ANTI-misogyny screed more than a misogynist one. How is some creep injecting BW with a robot-STD because she won’t sleep with him a reflection of what Cornell thinks of WOMEN? I kinda doubt there was a “she was asking for it” moral to the story, no? Maybe if the act had been glorified, fetishized, or incongruously lingered upon, I’d see your point, but otherwise it sounds like critiquing misogyny was precisely Cornell’s point. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that the guy who made the new bearer of bloody Excalibur a woman Muslim doctor–or for that matter, the guy who shows what an evil creep Lex Luthor is in part by having him create a robotic Lois Lane for a girlfriend–has a hidden creeper side that came out in a Black Widow miniseries and that therefore we can expect his Batman run to be sexist and gross.

A fairer critique might be that maybe that’s a weird idea for a plot point that doesn’t work–same as what Cornell did in Knight and Squire #1 didn’t quite work, in my opinion. But that’s quite an accusation to fling around, and by the sound of it, it’s an unwarranted one.

I used to like McDaniel’s art a lot more than I do now. He seems to take too many shortcuts and his art has lost some of its energy. Still, I consider myself a fan of his and I wasn’t overly pumped about the new team, but this is still just lame. Granted, DC has been a scheduling nightmare since Didio came on (people seem to have forgotten how delayed titles like Infinite Crisis, Final Crisis, the All Star titles before they were announced to be permanently irregular, Batman, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, I could go on and on…). They got their act together a little bit between OYL and Final Crisis, but that was the exception, not the rule.

“I didn’t say everything he writes carries the same philosophy.”

Yes you did

“That’s sweet, Christian. But then again, since you’re a Cornell fan, I hope you enjoy three issues of blatant misogyny.”

Whoa!! Much more excited about this team than about Tomasi, with no disrespect to the latter. Cornell is golden.

Kevin, how on earth do you read “misogyny” into a story because something disgusting happens to a woman? Writing abotu disgusting things does not equal hatred or fear. It’s just a willingness to face darkness.

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