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Toriyama returns to Dragon Ball

Rich Johnston reports this morning that manga creator Akira Toriyama is going to write some new chapters of Dragon Ball (also known as Dragon Ball Z in the United States). Dragon Ball originally ran from 1984 to 1995 in Japan, and Viz Media published it in the U.S.

Johnston states the obvious: “Something that will make this event even more spectacular is a simultaneous fully translated worldwide launch of the new book.”

The Viz folks were tweeting last week about a big announcement to come this week, and they have already done a simultaneous release with Rumiko Takahashi’s Rin-ne, so this indeed may be their big news. Stay tuned!



I hope it completely dismisses GT and continues after the Buu Saga!

long over due but great

The new begin of the history of manga!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i dont know if this is legit

Wow. This better be good. Seeing as how the last attempt pissed off DBZ fans.

i don’t think it would have anything to do with gt since that was all toei studio’s and had nothing to do with akira toriyama

I can’t believe it. Is this really true?!?!

ياليت الخبر صح ويكون فيه جزء جديد لدراغون بول .. انواع الحماس

< ابي الحس مخهم بالعربي هههههههههههههههه :P

Is this was true I would be all kinds of happy. XD
But to be honest this sounds too good to be real… o_O

OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have waited for this like… my entire life!!!

OMG!!!Is this real?Ihope he keeps rewrites GT to.I hope he doesnt get rid of it.I love GT aswell just like dbz.

OMG!!!You better not be lying or someones gonna have to take my ERASER CANNON!!!

I read somewhere that the story will somehow be related to Dragon Ball Online. I hope it’s true because if it is then my favorite character Future Trunks is gonna be returning on the main timeline as Time Patrol Trunks.

This should be a continuation, not some prequel.

Although I would like to see some Freeza backstory. He was the only villain not to have a prologue.

وااااااااو ونااااس إيه ذي الخبريات إلي تفرح مهب نهاية ريبون

wow, I hope this is true, and this time toriyama will solve the GT problem… I hope he knows about Dragon Ball Multiverse, that would be a good choice…

Yeah don’t get your hopes up because there is a 99% chance this is fake or just a case of misinformation. Toriyama is doing a one-shot in an upcoming issue of Jump but it’s a completely different story form Dragonball. What could he gain from restarting a series that ended 15 years ago?

I hope that this is real. That would be fantastic! I have to agree with Dakota, it’s not very likely that he would just suddenly pick up the series and keep going.

I can hope though. :)

I gotta say I doubt this for one major reason: There WERE “official” manga released not so long ago, not written by Toriyama, but considered official pieces of literature. One was Vegeta’s backstory under Frieza, which is oft considered canon, and the other was a manga of the last movie (Son Goku & Friends Return) which was drawn by a young woman named Naho Ooishi. Toriyama wrote an official entry in the piece, specifically stating he was passing things on to her because she actually remembers the story even better than he does. (She was a huge fan and studied under him, this was a series he wrote that ended well over a decade ago and he’s done a lot since) And that IF anything new came, it’d be through her.

As for the inevitable “OMG I hope it’s Multiverse/AF/DB Online… not likely. For one, DB online is waaaaaay too lose to have a coherent plotline. 9It’s a freaking MMORPG) and as for the others, they’re fanworks by others. He can’t just pick up their stuff and make it because he’d have to compensate their creators handsomely as well.

To be honest there’s one area fans in Japan have been asking for though: to see some of that missing seven years, or something focusing more on the human characters. (Plus Krillin was voted the Dragon Ball character the fans would most like to see a spinoff series of) so IF it happens, it probably won’t be from him and it’ll probably not be quite so epic as you hope.

Or it could be a better paced and plotted GT.

THIS IS GREAT! But I think is fake.

if it is true its most likely to take place between the last bit of just dragon ball, so goku’s teen years

DragonBall is the best anime series .. i cant wait for the new chapters ..

This is awesome news! I just hope that it continues to where Akira actually left off, and not make a sequel to Dragon Ball GT, because GT just takes away the feeling and intensity you would have from watching Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. And I hope there aren’t any Super Saiyan 4 or Super Saiyan 5. To me, they messes up the story that is Dragon Ball.

Hm.Come to think of it he said that he wont continue DB.But as the time goes he lanched game,Kai was done and many fan manga appeared.And mb he came up with idea to put sth in the middle of series and then give new episodes(like he did with vegetas brother)or mb he want to stop this shit manga made by fans or simply end db like he wanted.Damn it’s weird.I hope for new good story with art like from old series(not computer made one)but I feel that this will turn into sth crap not associated with DB series…

i cant belive this plese dont let us down im a huge fan.i hope they live some of DBGT they should erase the end and make tunks go out with so exited i was waiting 4 this mooment

like im a huge fan of DBZ and i love it and im a girl and its my favorite show i swear.

plese make more episode and dont ever make gragon ball end again..
like 3 days ago i was seeying the end and i cried and im not lying i cried and the most suprisiing thing is that DB is not real but its really real 4other people and you could see how reall it is and how it connects dont end THE GREATEST SERIUS OF ALL TIME


YES! YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!! and i just dbgasmed….

I can’t I wait! xDDD

Tokio, Japón? Febrero 14, 2010 – FUNimation Entertainment, una subsidiaria de propiedad total de Navarra Corporation, ha anunciado hoy que ha llegado oficialmente a bordo para iniciar una nueva serie de anime Dragon Ball.
La nueva serie de Dragon Ball se compone de 125 episodios de media hora que será transmitido en Japón entre 2010 -2012. Es una adaptación de la segunda parte del manga Dragon Ball creada por Akira Toriyama.

A raíz de esta noticia emocionante, FUNimation Entertainment ha decidido re-estreno
Dragon Ball Temporada de instalación único incluye los primeros 31 episodios de la franquicia icónica y narra las primeras aventuras de Goku cuando era niño que conoce a Bulma, Maestro Roshi y otros. En conjunto, se propuso encontrar las siete bolas de dragón mágico y hacer que el deseo de que cambiará sus vidas para siempre.

? Este es un proyecto que hemos estado esperando durante mucho tiempo,? , dijo el general unaga ***, presidente de CEO de FUNimation Entertainment. ? Han pasado 20 años desde cualquier animación Dragon Ball nuevo ha sido puesto en libertad. Estamos muy contentos por decir lo menos.

La nueva temporada de Dragon Ball se llamará vengativo futuro, o FV Dragonball.
El nuevo Dragon Ball temporada estará disponible en TV Tokyo en todo el país el 15 de septiembre de 2010.
“Han pasado 20 largos años, me prometí a mí mismo me había dejado con Dragon Ball para siempre, pero los fans
una vez más me convenció, me siento muy emocionado de empezar a trabajar “-. Akira Toriyama, creador de Dragon Ball.
“Tatakai no Makuake! Kaette Kita zo Gok Hijo? “(??????! ?????????)

esta info la encontre:
nota: esta info no es mia

to people that know english there is a web site its all in english i only traduce 2 people that do not no english

i hope its real if its a fake i kill my self bye



(My imitation of a super-fan)

But seriously, THANK YOU!

WHOAH THIS IS REAL!!! My nigga just told me about this but I didn’t believe it. THIS IS DOPE

Oh yay. Because overrated, cliche and flawed shonen series need to be rebooted. I really hope he returns to the vein of Dragon Ball pre-volume 16.

Heck, no, I don’t, because series need to END. Toriyama understands that, his fanbase doesn’t.

Eh, I’ll probably read it no matter what. Even DBZ was an okay read and Toriyama is a really talented guy.

I hope it’s right after the Kid Buu Saga (and before DBGT), so we could see moree of DBZ :)
I hope Android 17 has more screen time :)

i hope dis is real. and it should have new characters

Hey, Rich better be telling the truth because I wanna see new Dragonball Character’s and see who the new protagonist is?
I wonder wether it’s Goku, Gohan or a new character?

I’m a huge fan of DB & DBZ!
Dismiss DBGT I beg you!!!

Akira’s dope yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yo anything is better than the way DBGT ended, i bout threw my laptop across the room when i saw how that ended….

i have been waiting since forever

i wish they complete dragon ball z i want more than 291 episode!

:’} …… :speechless while biting my thumb nail with a kool-aid smile:

Im excited to know that the dbz series will continue,but i hope its not lame…i love dbz and as said before a bit over due but us fans deserve to see what the future holds for our anime series,…what was goku’s training like with the dragon when he left,is there another level of ssj beyond ssj4.there has been so much said over the years of dbz that keep us in suspense to see where it all ends when actually it really doesnt…you cant leave us hangin so what ever it is i hope it on a whole new level.

Bardock lives in goku

February 19, 2011 at 6:12 pm

GT is not too bad … i like goku ssj4 and his fight with omega and super android 17
but i allways hope that toriyama write a new chapter , new story about goku and his friends i dont like litle goku 100 years ago
seeyaa xD


I would like Akira Toriyama to make another DB series.


May 21, 2011 at 1:26 am

If akira toriyama will make new dragonball .. hes gonna be the most rich guy .. because We All Love Dragon Ball .. and we want onother series

onces again toryama please create another dragon ball if choose to contunue with dragon ball please start with dbaf please im beggin you with respect

Hey , is this still coming out ? :S I really love DBZ <3

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! If it is true that Akira Toriyama is returning to do a new Dragonball series then I think they should go ahead and name this one dragonball AF for alternate future because it would be a different future than GT while still staying with the current storyline of DB and DBZ.

Hope they make a new series, in my life time ,I acutely got my shot gun and shot a hole thru my TV at the end of dbgt.f*** I mis dragonball

2 years later no updates. Oh well, I had my hopes up

and the Legend goes further Yeahhhh ^^

Dragonball 2013 we come.

“Akira Toriyama is to be making a new Dragon Ball series alongside mangaka Naho Ooishi, the creator of the 2008 Dragon Ball Z special, “Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return,” called Dragon Ball Hoshi. Ooishi will be making a manga that continues the Z Manga past the Buu saga. It will have a newly designed Super Saiyan 4, and even a Super Saiyan 5. Akira Toriyama will be assisting her and backing off. The events in Japan (earthquake, tsunami) slowed this down. Now Toriyama is taking care of that. Launch in 2012, 2013.

Where else can the story go though? Aside from the future or other dimensions. I mean, Goku became a legend at a young age, saved the world, galaxy, and universe on multiple occasions…I mean, he’s beaten enemies that DBZ gods themselves couldn’t defeat. In the upcoming movie, “DBZ Battle of The Gods” he’s going to end up fighting another never before seen, well, God. Its just ridiculous.

I’d really prefer it0 if Toriyama just created a new MC in the same world, but say hundreds, or thousands of years in the future, where Goku would truly be seen as a legend and iconic figure. Then we leave it up to the new guys to protect and serve the planet. Goku’s not immortal you know.

It’s from 2 and a half years ago and was actually re-posted on April Fools Day.. yet, everyone seems to believe it?! Wishful thinking..

So excited! I’ve been hoping for this for a long time :)
Screw GT

I hope this is true but this ended before I was born even gt ended before I was born.
(age=11) but if this is true and I hope it isnt like a new as or something like that.
Cause sd fucking sucked.

Wow, Dragonball and Dragonball Z are not the same thing, Dragonball Z is not an AKA in the US for Dragonball, those are 2 different mangas and secondly, there was a 3rd installment of the series called Dragonball GT, that ended in 1996, meaning that’s when the series really ended

Daniel Chetland

January 4, 2014 at 3:01 am

I hope they keep goku as the main character he makes dbz what it is without him it wouldn’t normal it would be crap

OMG i cant believe this is true i hope there will be some new transformations super saiyen god form 2 and do something with piccolo that he will become stronger . i really hope that the will pickup where the left with dbz .

The Super Sandwich God

May 24, 2014 at 10:46 am

Shurlan, so you basicly want a Legendary Super Namek God????

Super Saiyain Pan

July 3, 2014 at 2:33 pm

If they want to create a new series or whatever I am thinking of going a whole different route with the series. I want a Super Saiyan Pan and Bulla which would bring for new villains and stories. The same old Goku saves the world junk is getting very boring and old also with their children to Goku, trunks and Goten had their shine in the earlier years time to give some new younger saiyans some shine. I was thinking of continuing the original dragon ball series which everyone was getting older and still training. Pan is about 10 or 12 now and Bulla being the same age also. It begins with an all new villain which isn’t as powerful as the gods as I don’t think he should introduce them yet.

It should start out with a new and fresh start villain that doesn’t just want to kill Goku and take earth away boring and used to many times to me now. The villain should want to take a saiyans power and become a powerful fighter to defeat some villain in his universe starting a new story out . So all of the saiyans attack the villain who isn’t really a villain yet until he starts attacking people all over the solar system and such. A new power is presented as he uses his mind to take your power away but the original energy is restored it makes you weaker but you also get sick.

The fighter takes Goku and Vegeta’s power away and gains enough power to defeat the villain in his universe but Pan and Bulla stop him. His power is about that of a Super Saiyan Goku. Pan and Bulla are alot stronger now and can at least fight him. The downside to his power is that every time he fights he loses 44% of the power he gained So if he has 1000% power he loses 44% each fight from different powerful fighters from all over the earth. Pan and Bulla eventually defeat him. Goku and Vegeta thought he was weak but learned he wasn’t and only used Super Saiyan. With the help of Goten and Trunks they defeat this villain just a start for a new series. I think that the Goku and Vegeta thing is getting pretty old and played out it is time for new heroes to get their shine make Pan and Bulla Super Saiyan!

please continue after buu saga

Yes We started Working on it,it was originally Concepted To promote New Release of Dragon Ball Online

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