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Voting opens for leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion election ballot

Today DC Comics revives an old tradition by allowing fans to select the next leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Through the wonders of 31st-century 21st-century technology, readers no longer have to mail in their votes. Instead, they visit the Legion election website and simply click on one of the 25 candidates. (Twenty-five?)

If you’ve not had the time to brush up on the contenders, you might consider the well-reasoned endorsement by the Legion Abstract fan blog of Phantom Girl, “one of the longest-serving of all Legionnaires, yet has never been leader.” Michael at The Legion Ominicon voted for Gates, the socialist insectoid teleporter, “just to see what [writer] Paul Levitz would do with him.”

On the DC Universe blog, Editor Brian Cunningham notes that Legion elections “can have some very interesting consequences.”

“A reader poll throws us a potential creative curve ball,” he writes. “I recall during the 1980s, the readership elected longtime Substitute Legionnaire Polar Boy — an unlikely turn of events, given the illusion that the Legionnaires themselves were voting. But Paul, who wrote the series at the time, just rolled with it and crafted some very clever and entertaining stories around it.”

Voting ends on Nov. 10. The winner will be revealed in December’s Legion of Super-Heroes #8.



Fun! I’ve never been much of a Legion reader (or, rather, never been one at all), but I like that they’re doing this.

Personally, as someone without any Legion experience, my vote goes to Tyroc. One, because his powers look sweet. Two, because I like sound powers. And three, because (according to a sourced quote on Wikipedia) Levitz said Tyroc was “just such a stupid character….a sound-based character is, I think, intrinsically futile in a silent medium. He just never worked for me, so I did my best to dodge him.” And I think it would be really fun to saddle Levitz with a character challenge like that. Hell, I’d probably start buying the book if Tyroc won!

Voted for Ayla, just because she’s always been my favourite. Couldn’t tell you why, she just seems like somebody I could party with if I were a comic book character in the 31st century.

my vote goes to Karate Kid… er… damnit… Mon-El it is then.

If they were really up for wackiness they would allow write ins. Lyle would win in a landslide, get out of that Paul! lol Its a pretty safe list as it is.

Everyone vote Polar Boy again! He’s the only one-armed legionnaire fit to be leader.

I love ANY vote that makes it more difficult for the writer.


I voted for Gates, because he’s the only holdover from the 90s Legion that’s on the ballot.

Gotta be Cosmic Boy.


the Haunted Tank is not one of the candidates. :-)

Go Shadow Lass!

I voted and I voted for Cham.

Though if the Haunted Tank was there…

Cosmic Boy is always the easy choice and will always be the heart of the Legion to me.
Dream Girl has had some amazing moments in my Legion memory and risen to the occassion many times.

I haven’t been reading this Legion even though I was die-hard Legion fan all the way until the end of DnA’s Legion. Mark Waid’s Threeboot Legion was a huge turn-off for me.

I enjoyed the Action comics issues with the current Legion in them but they basically mean that the 5YG stories never happened and I’m put off by the whole xenophobia thing -I got enough of that with X-books to last a lifetime. (meaning mutant haters instead of alien haters) But this book has something going for it that Legion hasn’t had for many many years… Tellus and Quislet!!!!!

I’ll have to try it.
Oh, and my vote went to Sensor Girl.

Anybody who didn’t vote for Quislet deserves a spanking.

Sun Boy for me. I’d love to see how Dirk would run the team and see him eat his words about the election before. Basically, I chose the candidate that would throw a monkey wrench into the troubles the Legion are facing right now.

I voted for Earth Man….How much fun could that be?!?!

Easy choice. Sensor Girl.

Cool. I remember when they did this with Young Justice once. There was a snag in that election though, because they didn’t get the results in on time.

Shrinking Violet!
And i want the Espionage Squad back!

Dawnstar is my favorite Legionnaire but even I’ll admit she’d be kind of boring as leader. It was a toss-up between Tyroc and Tellus and I went with Tellus because…why not?

I had a hard time picking between Gates and Quislet, because both of them seem like ridiculously fun choices…but I went with Gates. The Legion would have some…very interesting times under his leadership.

Voted for Chameleon Girl.
I just loved how badass Yera was in the Action arc.
And it makes me sad that she hasn’t shown up yet in the new series.

…Since Tom Galloway has presented a “well-rationalized” argument over on Michael Grabois’ website on why not to vote for Gates, I went ahead and voted for the little socialist. I urge everyone else to do the same.

Where can we vote for this ersatz Legion to get out of those horrible costumes?

Gates! Why is XS not on the ballot?

I voted for Brainiac 5 just becuase i can imagine how annoyed he’ll be that he has to do all his normal stuff and now lead everyone else


Brainy will do like last time. … delegate;)

Earth man isnt a proper choice, nobody in the team liking him … (but maybe for next vote , if he survives that long… )

Quislet or Gates can be good choices…

But i go for Jo … last time he was leader, he played the fool .. lets see how he can lead today ;) (he already showed good leadership , i know ..but… )

I voted for Mon-El. My Legion history only goes back to Final Crisis (the only thing I have to thank that abysmal series for is getting me into Legion), so I couldn’t make a very informed decision.

Oh, and I heard about this on 4Chan, and I hope they play with it like they did the TIME 100 People.

I encourage everyone not to just make the obvious choice and vote for their favorite character, but think about the story possibilities. Who would make the most interesting leader?
For me, that means one of the less obvious characters, like Earth Man, Gates, Tellus, Tyroc or Quislet…

Oh, and: @Irwin Schwab: “Where can we vote for this ersatz Legion to get out of those horrible costumes?”

Agreed!!! This is supposed to be a return to the Classic Legion, so let’s get them back into those Classic costumes! And by that, I mean the ones Dave Cockrum designed!

Sir Manley Johnson

October 20, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Where’s Saturn Girl? I vote Dawnstar. She knows her way around.

Sir Manley Johnson

October 20, 2010 at 6:23 pm

A character is only boring Andrew, because that’s how they are written. there is no reason someone can’t make them interesting.

I voted for Brainiac 5 because he is the perfect combination of someone whose victory would create dramatic tension with a leader who would actually be competent. I’m sure he could get another member to perform the diplomatic functions he would hate. Would have gone with Saturn Girl if she was on the ballot.

I voted for Tyroc, one of the earliest black super-heroes in the DCU created by Cary Bates and Mike Grell needs to be developed as a character.

I voted for someone who I would normally hate but man, the potential for stories, drama and conflict that could arise if the Legion had to deal with Earth-man as their leader.

If he were sincerely reformed, the distrust would make for great drama.
If he is still unsure of his xenophobia, his inner conflict would be great character piece.
If he still IS a xenophobic S.O.B., imagine how it would affect his decisions, and how the legionnaires would question his judgement, and their actions.
If he starts off reformed but reverts to his old ways… kaboom!

And that’s just off the top of my head…

Anyway, cool idea to bring this back. And in today’s more high tech environment, it makes the experience more interactive that the snail mail versions.

I vote for Dawnstar. I will always vote for Dawnstar. In fact, I love Dawnstar.

I went with Phantom Girl. She deserves the spotlight after all these years.

Move over, Cosmic Boy. TIme for Braniac 5 to take charge as he should have back then.

I voted for Shady because…..

1. She isn’t human. Given the xenophobia, having a non-human leader could make for a good story.
2. The whole “sleeping with Earth Man” thing makes it a left field choice.
3. Her power set should affect her outlook. She is comfortable working in darkness, but can make it go away any time she likes. Considering the state of the Earth right now, she’d be a good fit. Plus, I could see someone who works in darkness pushing forth more work for the good old Espionage Squad.

By the way, why wasn’t Lydda a choice? I thought she was a full fledged Legionnaire now. She’d have got my vote if she’d been an option.

Make that the third vote for Tyroc. I agree he needs to be better developed as a character and I hope he gets his own book soon after that. He has a very original power for an African-decended character in comics.

Timber Wolf, just because no one else has and he’d be a terrible leader.

Your unending distaste for Tom Galloway is long past tiresome, Mosely. Coupled with your admission that you’re stuffing the ballot box, I’m voting for Tinya.

I agree with OM. A vote for Gates is a vote against one of the reasons I dropped out of usenet 20 years ago! And it would lead to some fun stories and a challenge for Levitz, too!

I voted for Mon-El.

Shadow Lass and Mon-El were my favorite couple in the LOSH. Not happy about the split.
I think it’ll be interesting to see him lead while dealing with the current events of LOSH #5.

Go Mon-El !!!!!

This is a great idea to create interest in the Legion, it’s a good read every month and hopefully this will get it a lot of attention.

I went for Cos. Just couldn’t find anyone to be a better choice (sorry OM).

Nearly voted for Sun Boy, as he has the best name.

But Shady has style and spirit and would make a great leader.

Oh, and kill off Tyroc, please.

Best wishes,

Be interesting to see what the total turnout is now that they’re using on-line voting. DC got several thousand votes by mail in the Shooter era of the 1960s but that had tailed off considerably to just over 400 in the 1987 election.

I voted Quislet because he needs to be more developed as a character it says he is an explorer from a microverse dimension that decided to stay but really that is all we get. My second choice is Tellus.

Earth Man! I like the idea of the conflict it would create, and seeing how Paul would make sense of Earth Man’s getting elected. Paul’s made him more compelling already, so going from here as a leader forced on The Legion would make for some great stories. No complaints here if Mon or Dreamy win, however.

I’ve got an unofficial, unscientific exit poll running on

As of last night, Phantom Girl has the lead over Gates, Mon-El, Brainy, and Tyroc (in that order). If you have already voted, please take the exit poll.

Where the fuck is Matter Eater Lad?

I voted for Gates for reasons mentioned above. I will only vote once but I am asking friends and family to support my choice. In my unofficial poll that netted 14 votes. He is so unintentionally funny. He comes across as harsh but is a softie and in the xenaphobic atmosphere, I could see Legionnaires making his election a bold statement of their beliefs.

I would have voted for Matter-eater Lad if he was on the ballot. I voted for Gates just to watch Levitz head explode! :-D

My vote Colossal Boy, was gonna go for Tellus, but I love hime a bit more
Long Live Legion!

Why is Invisible Kid black in the voting?

He was Lyle Norg in last week’s issue of Adventure Comics.

The current Invisible Kid is black. The previous Invisible Kid, Lyle, was in Adventure because it is set in the past and is now dead. Unfortunate, as he could be a good character when used well.


Is Lyle dead in all 3 established Legions?

I thought that he just fell in love with that “Gazelle” girl just a couple of years ago? Did he die, again?

With all of the cutting-and-pasting of the various teams, it’s kinda hard to keep up with who is where.

I voted for Quislet.

I would love to see how Paul would write Quislet as leader. Lol !!

Lyle Norg is alive and well in the threeboot Legion, now sometimes called the Earth-Prime Legion, and also in the reboot Legion, aka the Earth-247 Legion, aka (recently) the Wanderers.

Jacques Foccart also existed on Earth-247, although he never called himself Invisible Kid in that reality, but is now presumably wherever the rest of that universe is.

dream girl. she was great last time round, she’s super-intelligent, can flirt with world leaders and persuade, and having foresight of upcoming dangers can only be a help in making decisions.

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