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Better than a motion comic: J. Torres fan film

YouTube user haiku132 created a short, sweet fan film from J. Torres and Tim Levins’s short comic How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love John Byrne. It’s simple pan-and-scan, but the music and pacing are just right. Take two minutes to enjoy it.

(via J. Torres’s blog)

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Well done.

Very cool!

My reaction was much the same except I managed to not flip to the last page before reading the story. To this day, ALPHA FLIGHT #12 ranks ranks high as one of the harshest kicks to the gut I ever got from a comic.

BTW: what is that song and who’s the artist?

I felt ill when I read it, I got really depressed, called my friend and cussed out Byrne for days…..

then a couple weeks later I rushed from school to buy Alpha Flight # 13. :)

My best friend spoiled it , telling me Guardian had died before I had the chance to buy AF#12.

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