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Comics A.M. | Comic-Con sales, credits mystery and women creators

Comic-Con International

Comic-Con | Registration opened this morning at 6 PST for Comic-Con International following technical problems on Nov. 1 that forced organizers to shut down sales after only a handful of badges were purchased. Registration is for daily passes and four-day memberships without Preview Night. Those with the Wednesday preview sold out on the final day of this year’s convention (more could be released later, depending on returns and cancellations). Prices have increased slightly, from $100 to $105 for four-day memberships and from $35 to $37 for single-day passes ($20 for Sunday). Comic-Con International will be held July 20-24 in San Diego. [Comic-Con International]

Legal | Sankaku Complex wades into Tokyo’s resurrected “anti-loli” legislation, and finds the revised bill has been expanded to target manga, anime and video games that “‘improperly glorify or emphasise’ illegal sexual acts, such as rape, groping, BDSM, voyeurism, exhibitionism, etc., by extension including underage sexual activity as well.” The previous version focused on the depictions of “fictional youths,” a controversial term that’s been dropped from the legislation. [Sankaku Complex]

Huntress credit

Creators | Don MacPherson attempts to find out why Paul Levitz is credited on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series as the creator of the DC Comics character Huntress, and why artists Joe Staton and Bob Layton were not. He doesn’t get very far. [Eye on Comics]

Publishing | Just 13 percent of comics released in November include work by women, according to one survey. [Ladies Making Comics via Bleeding Cool]

Publishing | “When Killing Spider-Man is Your Best Idea, You’re Out of Ideas.” I just like the headline. [Dinosaurs in F-14s]

Conventions | Kelly House reports on Sunday’s Portland (Oregon) Comic Book Show. [The Oregonian]

Creators | Michael Cavna writes about the recent visit to U.S. troops in Afghanistan by six cartoonist: Jeff Keane, Rick Kirkman, Mike Luckovich, Stephan Pastis, Tom Richmond and Garry Trudeau. [The Washington Post]

Silver Surfer #1

Creators | Writer Greg Pak discusses the Silver Surfer miniseries and Marvel’s Chaos War. [Cosmic Book News]

Creators | Crime author Denise Mina talks briefly about her work, including the graphic novel A Sickness in the Family. [Publishers Weekly]

Pop culture | Steve Murray (aka Chip Zdarsky) takes on the troubled $60-million Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark: “The villainous Green Goblin looks like a child’s drawing of a Double Dragon video game villain if the child only had a green pencil crayon. Carnage, another Spider-Man villain, looks like a snowboarding jack o’ lantern covered in unerotic candle wax. And of course there’s the brand new villain, Swiss Miss, who looks like Magneto if he cross-dressed and then walked into a silverware store. To be fair, there are only thousands of Spider-Man comics one can look at for character ideas, so I guess it just made sense to start from scratch.” [National Post]



Comic-Con’s server crashed again. Pathetic.

And shocking….comic-con’s registration crashed at 6:05am pacific time and has yet again been unavailable since. the error message gives a phone number which is not shockingly busy! These people are idiots running this mess

These people are using one website to handle possible who knows how many 100’s of thousands of people using multiple computers. its almost 2011 comic con. get your crap together. this is seriously pathetic as john lees said

I don’t get what exactly the Comic-Con folk are supposed to have spent the last month doing to their servers, aside from designing prettier error pages. What was their big plan? Do nothing, just move the opening time to 6am and hope less people were out of their beds?

I’m just waiting for the announcement:

“Comic-Con tickets will now go on sale on Christmas Eve, and by then we’ll know what we’re doing. Totally. Seriously.”

Now I’m just waiting for them to cut their losses so I can get on with my life, rather than constantly attempting to register just in case it goes back online and I miss out.

Tickets have NEVER sold out quickly enough that you had to be on the site the moment they went on sale. Even in the last few years when it has sold out, it’s been a matter of weeks or months, not minutes.

But something about the way they announced tickets this year made it seem like hoteloween all over again, so everyone was afraid they’d be left out if they didn’t buy their ticket NOWNOWNOW, and everyone tried to connect at the same time instead of spread out over a couple of weeks…and it crashed. That reinforced the perception of OMG must get tickets as soon as they’re available, probably making it worse today.

Fear of a rush created one. Twice.

Personally, I think the best thing the con could do for round 3 is to split 4-day and 1-day passes like they did last year. Put the 4-day passes on sale next week, then wait a couple of weeks before putting the 1-day passes on sale. That right there will significantly cut down on the number of people trying to connect at the same time, without the need for adding new equipment or fine tuning any software.

It’s times like these I’m sooooo glad I bought my tickets during the convention. I learned my lesson having problems buying tickets last year. I can totally understand the frustration people are having trying to register for Comic-Con, as I’ve been trying to register tickets for a friend. Next time, I’ll just have a list of friends who wants to go to Comic-Con the following year and buy their tickets at the convention…

I have a feeling Comic-Con registration from now on will be as horrific as registering for BlizzCon…

Yeah, if I decide to go in 2012, I’m registering at the 2011 show. No way am I going through this crap again.

Jar Jar Binks Fan

November 22, 2010 at 7:37 am

I don’t know what you guys are complaining about, I was able to buy my tickets without any problems.

Just learn how to use the “refresh” button! ;)

I was on step 2 of registration and then their server crashed. This is unbelievable.

would never trust someone who calls themselves Jar Jar Binks fan.

Yep! Registration has been closed once again. Comic con is “very sorry” but that doesn’t help the situation….

Re: the Huntress creator credit on Batman: The Brave and the Bold

I’ve updated the report with some input from B&B series producer Michael Jelenic, who reports those credits are entirely the purview of DC Entertainment.

Here’s a solution – DON’T GO! Instead spend the money you would have went on comics. The Powers Definitive Volumes 1-3 could be bought for $55 online and that still leaves $45 to catch up on the Icon prints. Or pick from literally hundreds of other comics out there.

Why is only 13% of creators women? If our population is 50+% women, shouldn’t there be more? Seems weird, but not unexpected. It is a male-driven industry. I am more surprised that I am not surprised.

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