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DC Comics confirms that Doomsday will return in Steel #1

Steel #1

DC’s The Source blog confirmed today that the teaser we shared last week is indeed an indication that Doomsday, the monstrous villian who once killed Superman, will return in January.

The villain will return in the Steel one-shot, one of several “iconic” one-shots that month. The story will continue in Outsiders #37, JLA #55 and Superboy #6, and will presumably conclude in a fifth, as-yet-unnamed comic.

“Doomsday is one of the most popular villains in Superman’s canon of foes,” said DC Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, “He injects a feeling of dread and chaos into the DC Universe that few other characters can.” Doomsday last appeared in Action Comics #871, where, after he was apparently beaten to death by Superman, Supergirl and a host of Kandorians, his body was given to Lex Luthor to make improvements.

Update: If you check DC’s solicitations today for Outsiders #37, you’ll see that this storyline is called “Reign of Doomsday” and is setting up “an explosive summer event.”



So, I doubt I’m the only one who’s fairly certain that Doomsday is going to kill Steel.

God dammit. If Steel dies, I will be very angry.

Why be angry? DC would just bring him back when some writer wants to use him. It’s comics.

Steel is a normal guy who can do extraordinary things. Another death and rebirth for him seems like a bad direction. I think he will chase the monster through all of the books because of his personal history with the beast.

Should be awesome!

Plus, they said no more take backs!

And the one shot’s writer said he wants to write more Steel.

I love Steel. Yay!

Better not kill Steel.

On the other hand, hopefully this will bring a few more eyes to Steel’s book.

You know what really kills this for me: the Outsiders. See I like the Outsiders but DiDio kills any interest I would ever have towards picking up the book.

Who cares?

So, Steel #1 was solicited with no mention of it being the first part of a new storyline? And the storyline concludes in a fifth yet-to-be-named issue? Nice to see DC editorial is as smooth running as ever…

I’m extremely excited about this, all the way thru, from Steel to the Outsiders, to the rest of the Superman family.

Hey is there any good site to read comic books online?

Donald Borsch Jr.

November 20, 2010 at 6:32 pm

Hmm. I admit, I love me some Doomsday. In a perfect world, he would return and the Marvel Universe would have to join up with the DC Universe to kill him. (Or at least render him unconscious.)

I would love to see the Hulk or Sentry (well, no…he’s dead now.) fight it out with Doomsday.

My two cents.

Hey DC, Marvel! What about it? It would be a great multi-issue crossover and you guys could both milk it for a year or so. I mean, not that either of you fine comic companies has ever milked out a storyline or anything…

Luckily, I got Steel #1. Some chap decided not to buy it from his Superman stack of reserves Does anyone know how many of this particular issue was printed? Some say its a fairly low print run with high demand.

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