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Defeated Senate candidate uses election night to promote his comic

Ultimate Warrior

Soundly defeated Tuesday by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and shut out by the South Carolina Democratic Party, Democrat Alvin Greene used his sparsely attended election-night celebration, and what remained of his 15 minutes, to promote a cause: his comic book.

The Huffington Post and WBTV report that Greene, who battled obscenity charges and his own party in his unlikely bid for the Senate seat, quickly shifted the focus last night from his failed campaign to Ultimate Warrior, a comic in which he stars as a superhero who saves people from foreclosures.

“This superhero is greater than, um, Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk … and all those other characters,” he said, holding a printout up to the TV camera. Asked by a reporter whether he really thinks he could “take the Hulk,” Greene responded, “‘Nothing stops the Ultimate Warrior …’ before mumbling off and then saying ‘It makes all the sense in the world’.”

Indeed. WBTV reports that Greene, who didn’t deliver the traditional concession speech, went on to talk about his plans for an action figure: “He can see into the future. He is faster than [Olympic medalist] Maurice Green and he can out-leap [Michael] Jordan. See, I have projects like this … what is DeMint offering y’all — just more gridlock. Politics.”

You can read a five-page PDF of the comic, with art by Bob Raymond, on Greene’s campaign website.



Ummm, yeah, there’s going to be a certain pro wrestler who may object to this. I’m sure the objection will be verbose and entertaining!

Of COURSE this man reads comic books.

Wait till the WWE hears about this. They own the copyright (or is it trademark – I’m never sure) on the name Ultimate Warrior.

And let this be the last time we give Alvin Greene any attention.

That South Carolina Senate race really was “turd sandwich vs. giant douche,” wasn’t it? Yeesh.

“They own the copyright (or is it trademark – I’m never sure) on the name Ultimate Warrior.”

It’s TM. copyright has to do with printed material, but trademark is names and logos, etc. And the former Ultimate Warrior himself owns the Warrior trademark for comics IIRC, that’s why Guy Gardner’s title was Guy Gardner, Warrior, instead of simply Warrior. The use of “Ultimate” and Warrior” together is a huge idiotic misstep.

Even funnier: Vince McMahon is a very right wing Republican, whose wife ran for Senate in Connecticut this year and the Ultimate Warrior is a CRAZY right wing type. I’d call him a fascist, he’s just crazy right wing.

This guy has proven to be nutty, but all this is just political theater gone crazy. I don’t know what will come of it, but it’s hilarious.

If given the choice, I would’ve voted for crazy Alvin Greene over reactionary douchenozzle Jim DeMint.

Glad that Jim DeMint is still my Senator. Jack you need to stop getting drunk off the left-wing kool-aid.

Yeah, you stick up for a guy who supported a coup against an elected government in Honduras. You go with that scumbag. Love it. Stick up for a guy who supports banning all abortions even in the case of rape and incest. Forcing women to have the babies of men who raped them, such a wonderful Christian ideal. DeMint also supports prayer in schools (hey, let’s forget what Thomas Jefferson said about Church and State, he was just a founding father), to be clear, Jim DeMint is an ignorant, hypocritical, religious whackjob.

I’m still convinced Alvin Greene was a patsy installed by Republicans to cripple the Democrats in SC.

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