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Epic Fail: Comic-Con registration closes down again due to technical glitches

Technical difficulties this morning once again forced Comic-Con International organizers to close online membership sales. Their site currently reads:


Once more, unfortunately, there have been issues with Comic-Con registration. So we have again decided to close it down.

We are well aware that many people have taken time from work, school or other activities and others woke up very early. There really is no way to convey our level of regret for this turn of events.

We are currently researching our registration options.

Based on the first response in the comments thread of Comics A.M. from earlier this morning, it looks like the servers crashed sometime before 6:24 a.m. Pacific, not even a half hour after going on sale at 6 a.m. Kiel has comments from CCI’s David Glanzer over on CBR.

Update: A commenter notes that the server never appeared to be up this morning at all.



The server did not crash at 6:24, it crashed at 6:00. It was never up.

Actually, it *did* start working (very slowly) more than an hour later… but that’s when they shut it down completely and closed registrations again. My friends and I could buy 2 (of the 4 we need) tickets.

This is why Comic-Con is no longer any fun. It’s become BLOATED so comic fans have to go to ridiculous extremes to attempt to get tickets. Sad, just sad really.

Agreed Fran, congrats on buying two tickets – we thought we had purchased one but the lady at Epic said most likely we did not since no email arrived. I’d verify you have that email (she said it would be there already), but hey that’s just me.

Wondering if I should take my hard earned dollars to another Con. . . . .

I attempted to get in, and got as far as entering my address, picking the ticket type, then: 500 – Internal Server Error.

I saw a few times errors involving their SQL Server database being down.

Mysterious Stranger

November 22, 2010 at 9:55 am

I got through for one ticket for my girlfriend and I’m pretty sure I got through for mine. I got the confirmation page that says my request was received but no email. I think that’s when everything was shut down for sure. Luckily I have the page still up on my browser at home so I can use that for proof I got through. Still took over 2 hours to get through though.

I got one ticket for myself and also got the confirmation page but no e-mail. I REALLY hope they don’t make me go through the entire registration process again. I sat there for 3 hours, refreshing the page and had to enter my info about three times before I got to the confirmation page and then 2 minutes after that, the green button had turned red and said registration was closed.

Called customer service at EPIC and she told me to keep closing down my browser and keep trying to get in. Then ended the call with “good luck”!!! I was able to get a ticket for my son but not for myself.

Mysterious Stranger

November 22, 2010 at 11:53 am

I got the billing confirmation emails for both my girlfriend and myself, complete with barcodes so we’re officially going to SDCC. First thing we’re doing after getting all checked in? Signing up for 2012.

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