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Frank Miller’s infrequently updated blog is pretty amazing

"Krypto-Fascist" by Frank Miller

"Krypto-Fascist" by Frank Miller

The Dark Knight Returns cartoonist and Sin City co-director Frank Miller rarely updates his website, but when he’s done so lately, it’s been pretty remarkable. Take the post titled “A Nice Thought,” featuring a drawing of a dinosaur eating a (presumably) Muslim suicide bomber, for example — or the above drawing, “Krypto-Fascist,” in which a Nazified version of Superman’s best friend is used to riff on a popular political epithet. I just wish the site had an RSS feed so I could make sure not to miss anything. Man, Holy Terror cannot come soon enough.

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Won’t google Alerts work.. I just plugged it in, told it to send to my reader, should work.

Frank is into objectivism…a randy Randian–like Greenspan, Leo Strauss and other crypto-fascists…become a mercenary Frank.


Leo Strauss was not a follower of Ayn Rand. I have only read a little of both, but it’s rather clear from those readings that Strauss would likely have found Rand’s writings simplistic and anti-intellectual. While it is clear that the Neo-Conservative movement took inspiration from Strauss, it is not clear what Strauss’ own political views were or if he would have signed on to Neo-Conservativism– and for that matter, the Randians are politically very different than the Neo-Conservatives.

As far as “crypto-fascism” goes, the whole point of the “crypto-” prefix is that it’s a fascism that remains hidden. When fascism does appear on the right wing of the spectrum it isn’t well hidden since that’s its natural home. You have to look elsewhere if it’s “crypto-”

Honestly I have no idea what ideology Frank Miller holds– I get the sense that he is on the right, but his drift onto the political right also seems to have come around the time I lost interest in his writing.

I don’t really pay attention to politics in his work, but didn’t he make fun of Reagan in the original Dark Knight Returns?

The extent to which Miller is seen as being “on the right” has to do with some public statements he has made regarding the 9/11 attacks, and the Iraq War. But yes, his work from the ’80s and ’90s clearly showed a willingness to satirize conservatives.

As far as I know, he might be a stereotypical liberal on every other issue.

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