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Tintin/Lovecraft mashups

The title says it all: Artist Murray Groat imagines what it would be like if the master of horror was writing Tintin.



Very close to the source material. Makes one wonder what kind of adventures the boy scout detective would be exposed to and how he would get out of his catastrophic mind-threatening sanity-breaking looming disasters of comprehension? Probably in the most climatic anti-climatic manner possible, most likely from an unnanounced third party that was never mentioned before. Things could only get more complicated when Rastapopoulos and Nyrlathotep decided to team up with the intent of stabbing each other in the back later on.

On a related subject, here’s a link detailing what Lovecraft would’ve been like today if he was exposed to Penthouse & Twitter. One suspects he doesn’t change that much.

“Very close to the source material.”
That’s because the Tintin images were copied from actual books:
Tintin in Innsmouth – The Calculus Affair
Tintin in R’lyeh – Tintin and the Picaros
The other two look familiar, but i can’t place them right now.

Nevertheless i’d love to read those stories.

The Mountains of Madness has GOT to be a panel from Tintin in Tibet. As for The Reanimator, that’s the only one that stumps me. It looks like it could take place in a pre-Haddock book such as The Broken Ear. Truth be told, there aren’t very many instances of Tintin looking surprised while holding something, such as a book or newspaper as he would be here. If this is indeed a new rendition, it’s a very faithful tribute.

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