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It’s hard out here for a cartoonist

Mr. Porcellino's neighborhood

Mr. Porcellino's neighborhood

John Porcellino, creator of the long-running self-published minicomics series King-Cat Comics and Stories, is arguably one of the most influential comics creators of the past quarter century. That and $2.25 will get you on the subway, apparently. Today Porcellino blogged a series of photos of the seemingly economically depressed Illinois town to which he recently moved “in desperation” after losing his previous place of residence. “It’s times like these that make a man wonder ‘How?’, ‘Why?’,” Porcellino writes. And that is your soul-crushing quote of the day. Oh well, I suppose you could cheer yourself up by reading several complete King-Cat issues on What Things Do while waiting to hear how many Social Security cuts will be required to offset additional tax cuts for our billionaire overlords.



John Porcellino is amazing. We wish more people knew about him. King Cat is a lot of fun.

Those photos made me feel strangely nostalgic, as I grew up in an economically depressed Midwestern city that looked a lot like that. It’s probably not a very good place to live, but the visuals might be great comics fodder.

Is there no power left enough in our inkwells to overthrough the infuriatingly wealthy. They made $1.66 Trillion in profits last quarter, propagandized an election, convinced us we hate each other, our government and ourselves, virtually bankrupted our government with lobbied spending and insistence on keeping their tax brakes and loopholes (which means they pay the lowest taxes (14%). Only complaining about that top 1% who then went on a shopping spree (of rediculouse luxury items) and didn’t pick up one comic.

Now i want ribs.

Never heard of him. That’s not judgement call on his work, but I think you’re overselling his position in the industry. Lots of folks hurtin out there. What happened to all the “hope and change”?

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