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Mark Millar launches Kapow Comic Con in London

Mark Millar, from the Kapow trailer

Pledging to bring “San Diego Comic-Con to these shores,” Mark Millar this morning announced he’ll launch Kapow Comic Con on April 9-10 in London.

“The idea behind Kapow! is to bring the San Diego experience to Central London,” Millar tells Empire. “All the studios have a massive presence here in the UK, dozens of the world’s biggest comic creators are here and most of the comic-book movie adaptations are being filmed just up the road.”

Held at the London Business Design Centre, the premiere event will feature such creators as Brian Bolland, Olivier Coipel, Paul Cornell, Andy Diggle, Steve Dillon, Dave Gibbons, Bryan Hitch, Jock, Brendan McCarthy, John McCrea, Kevin O’Neill, Frank Quitely, John Romita Jr. and Leinil Francis Yu. The schedule is expected to be announced in February.

The convention also will feature the debut of the Stan Lee Awards, honoring “the cream of comic book talent for all their creativity and imagination.” Categories include best writer, best artist, best publisher, best TV show, best game or toy, and man or woman of the year.

Tickets can be purchased now through the convention website. You can watch the trailer, featuring Millar, Gibbons, Quitely and Yu, after the break.



I like this.

I know a lot of people don’t like Millar because of his creatice output and big mouth but this is good.

Outstanding, Regardless of the success of the show and it’s movie studio line up 25 pounds for a weekend ticket is great value especially when you look at the cost of San Diego and other similar cons.

Hopefully this will retain the focus on comic books and not become a hype machine for the next big Tween franchise (you all know what I’m talking about and I refuse to name it)
Well done Mark Millar I’ll definitely be there.

What the eff he say?

Scottish should be banned from the internet

Millar’s initial pitch

“I thought to myself, lets have this massive gathering of comic creators in one location? You know? We’ll get these big movie studios, they can show their new comic book movies. TV shows can come along to the party too. Its gonna be the greatest! I don’t think its ever been done for comics like this. What’s that? San Diego? Where the fuck is that?”

Not a huge fan of Millar but this is good. A lot more affordable for me to hop over from Ireland than having to go to the west coast of America!

First thought: Millar is creating this to sell it to Wizard World.

If this is for celebrating the comics of England, why not name it after their biggest, and best creator of their biggest and best character, JOHN WAGNER…?!

He wants a CCI there. Comics are not important.

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