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McCarthy’s Flash redesigns, new Judge Dredd story

Brendan McCarthy's Flash

If you’re a fan of Brendan McCarthy or the short-lived DC series Solo, do I have the post for you … The Strangeness of Brendan McCarthy has posted two sketchbook ideas “generated when Brendan was working out material for his issue of DC Comics’ SOLO,” both featuring redesigns of the Flash.

And if that’s not enough, they’ve also posted info and images on a new Judge Dredd story that will appear in 2000AD Prog 1712, which goes on sale this week in the U.K. “In a new story called Dr. WHAT? Judge Dredd tracks down a time-travelling Doctor who rides a Mega-City Portaloo along the timewaves, altering history and changing the future in a potentially catastrophic way,” the blog says.



I love Brendan McCarthy’s art and writing, but the idea of him designing characters for today’s kids is as silly as having R. Crumb make an iPod playlist for your kid sister.

I saw that SOLO 12… blew my mind. McCarthy’s Flash design is better than the current one used by DC!
Get the guy to overhaul DC’s hero line and pronto!

I like that Flash Boy that he’s drawn. But the one in Solo 12 is all spikey and punk-rocky, better than that one above, which is still good, but the Solo one rocks more rad.

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