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Morrison’s ‘post-apocalyptic Doc Holliday’ returns in second My Chemical Romance video

If you enjoyed Grant Morrison’s appearance in the video for My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na”, you’ll be happy to know he’s back for the follow-up, “Sing.” The Batman Inc. writer has also revealed a little more about the character he plays in both videos to the L.A. Times.

“Korse is an exterminator for the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unit of Better Living Industries,” Morrison told Geoff Boucher of the Hero Complex blog. “His extensive back story has yet to be revealed but he’s intimately connected with the Killjoys and their secret history. He’s a remorseless human bloodhound, a hunter who dresses like an undead, post-apocalyptic Doc Holliday.”



… Hhhhhow exactly is your character akin to Doc Holliday, Grant? Because I really ain’t seeing anything here akin to a charmingly roguish whore-loving consumptive alcoholic gunfighting dentist.

After the excellent “Na Na Na,” this song is a serious let-down. They sound like any generic, inoffensive, forgettable band of the last decade, and not like MCR at all.

John, he was just making a quip about the character’s quasi-western outfit — only ever saying the character “dresses like” Doc Holliday would if he were a post-living assassin working for a future corporation after the collapse of society. I for one am not qualified to say how John Henry Holliday would dress under those conditions.

BTW, surely I’m not alone in feeling this is setting up GM for a proper acting role in the near future? One thing you get from seeing him here and in the docupic Talking With Gods is that the camera really likes him; he has real presence on screen and people enjoy watching him. My impression (and again, it’s not an opinion I’m qualified to have) is that Grant can genuinely act as well. So I expect it’s only a matter of time…

Richard, my lack of reading comprehension notwithstanding (whoops), I’ve learned enough about Doc in my amateur research over the past year to think, yeah, no, at that point, he might as well wear bananas on his head, because Doc Holliday might do the same under those circumstances! Who knows? No one, that’s who!

I’m not gonna bother commenting on the Doc Holiday bit, but I slightly agree with John Hefner about the quality of the song; it’s not as fun or catchy as “Na Na Na,” but I wouldn’t go so far as to compare it to the “generic, inoffensive, forgettable bands of the last decade.”

The action sequences make absolutely no sense. They’d have gotten better results had they had G-Mozz script it.

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