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One last taste of Robot 666: Emily Carroll’s ‘His Face All Red’

This quietly sinister webcomic has been tearing up the comics Internet over the past few Halloween-dominated days, and for good reason. Presenting “His Face All Red” by Emily Carroll — a beautifully colored little nightmare with an ending as black as the background. When I finished it, I actually muttered “whooo” out loud, I was so impressed. Enjoy, if that’s the word for it.

(Via Tom Spurgeon)



I just finished reading it too, but i dont understand it…

I’ve read it three times and can’t figure out what happened.

Sean T. Collins

November 2, 2010 at 4:40 am

It’s a mystery, guys.

This was really, really good. It’s a great comic, for one, but she also used the design of the browser in a couple of cool ways to control pacing. Just an awesome bit of cartooning and storytelling.

You either ‘get it’ or you don’t. No biggie if this doesn’t push your buttons. It happens!

However, this was brilliant. Super creepy and beautifully cartooned!

I loved the style and I agree that the use of the browser was ingenious.

I’ll just chime in with the others and say that I wish I know what happened!

Was it a dream, a nightmare?

Someone please explain what happens! I don’t “get it” and it’s driving me insane.

The guy he killed was a clone from iRobot who had been giving oral to a girl on her period.

This story is actually driving me insane lol. So it is assumed that there is a guy, and 2 of his brothers, one being a clone.
If the guy killed his brother, then the clone emerged from the forest. The clone never reveals his face to the guy, for whatever reason. When he comes back, the guy notices that his brother is digging at night, presumably a hole similar to the one in the forest. I would think that both holes were dug by the same person. Also, it is noted that the guy’s house is surrounded by lilac bushes, which is the scent found at the hole in the forest.

If the guy killed the clone, then the brother emerged from the forest. The clone could have kidnapped the brother and ditched him in the forest, which is why his brother thanked him for killing ‘that devil’ when he returned. It still wouldn’t explain why his brother was digging a hole at night though.

I know I’m obviously looking into this wayyyy too deeply right? But It is an interesting story, and I’m not sure if the author intended these things to be linked, or just added red herrings to make people like me go insane lol. ahhh im going to bed..

I think the biggest hint here is “his face all red”. Why is his brother’s face all red? A gun wouldn’t have that kind of effect. I’m pretty sure bullets will make a hole in your head(or make ur head explode) but your face wouldn’t be ALL red.
So here is what I assumed, the main character killed his brother and possibly skinned his brother’s face. After that he developed a second personality which took form of his handsome brother. Notice how he said his brother never turned back to look at him, this somehow correspond with his brother’s face being skinned.But of course,this is just my personal interpretation.
On the last note, Wonderful little nightmare this is! I really enjoyed it (and it will probably hunt me in my dreams, good job XD).

In Native American mythology there are people called skin walkers ( I think that’s what their called) who could transform into any animal by wearing their skin. Some are believed to be able to transform into other people by taking his/her face. This explains why his face is red. Maybe I am overthinking it. Oh well. Great story.

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