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Quote of the day #2 | The future of JMS’s The Twelve

“For those who’ve been asking, yes, JMS is finishing The Twelve. #9 & 10 are done, and Chris [Weston] is waiting on script from JMS this week.”

–Marvel Senior VP – Executive Editor Tom Brevoort on the other book J. Michael Straczynski departed mid-stream, the long-delayed Marvel maxi-series The Twelve with artist Chris Weston. Perhaps this is one of the “high-visibility mini series…with a beginning, middle and end” to which JMS was referring in his statement about leaving Superman and Wonder Woman to focus on non-monthly comics. (The “and end” part’s the kicker.)



It was interesting to see yesterday on the CBR homepage some of the tweets that followed the news that JMS was leaving Wonder Woman and Superman, particularly the guys from Marvel. There’s doesn’t seem to be any love lost there.

I forgot, between that and Supreme Power/whatever, this seems to be a pattern…

Totally missed this before I posted on the other thread. *whew*, I love me some The Twelve.

What do you mean “other” book he departed midstream? That’s just one of many. Anyone who buys the first chapter of anything JMS writes now is a fool to expect him to live up to his responsibility as an author to actually FINISH THE STORY.

It’s been who knows how long since the last issue of The Twelve, but I’m still amped at the thought that it may actually get finished.

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