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Quote of the day | Are Tea Partiers the nerds of politics?

“I was reading this Slate article about why Tea Party people are always capitalizing regular nouns — it’s because it’s more in the style of the constitution, which played fast and loose with capitalization — and I realized that Tea Partiers are huge fucking nerds. Randomly capitalizing words to mimic your favorite sacred text is ridiculously dorky. It’s not that far removed from speaking Klingon.

Also, they cosplay and fervently love the same books and mythic figures; they speak in coded language; they get furious about trivial matters most people don’t care about; and they HATE it when anyone interprets their favorite origin stories (the constitution/American history) differently than they do. Tea Party rallies are basically comic book conventions only with poorer social skills.

You could actually take this comparison much further. Probably someone has.”

A tumblogger named Dudestache on the Tea Party’s secret identity as the LARPers of the political sphere. Everyone’s always talking about the rise of nerd culture; I guess that explains the phrase “Senator-elect Rand Paul” as well as anything could.

(via Mike Barthel)



Wow. A new way to insult someone with a different point of view than yours. Disappointing.

Right Robert 318, because Tea Partiers are so inclusive that its totally unfair to make fun of them. . .

I wouldn’t really call them nerds since nerds research and try to provide backing when they want to prove something wrong. Tea baggers don’t do any of that.

“Wow. A new way to insult someone with a different point of view than yours. Disappointing.”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but the Tea Party movement is based upon made up facts from Glenn Beck (and his fake historian David Barton) and ‘people’ like Rush Limbaugh. So, y’know, anyone who is ‘Tea Party’ is an outright fool, not a nerd, a sheep like fool who has no actual knowledge of history, only second hand half truths from their radio and TV. They’ve never read a history book, they’ve never read the constitution. Or they’d know the first thing the founders did was amend it, proving that it is a living document that is meant to change and (ahem) progress with the march of history.

If these people had their way, we’d be living in 1850, not 2010.

Again, wow. Okay, so I can see where this is going and I will bow out. I’m kind of lost as to how educated people can so easily dismiss other educated people with clearly well-thought out ideals, but I guess that is the problem: you don’t feel like others are educated or well thought out. Methinks that if there is a problem, that could be it on both sides.

Thought this was a comic blog? Guess I’ll be removing it from my feed reader.

Sean T. Collins

November 4, 2010 at 1:55 pm

If you can’t stand up to some guy’s snarky blog post, how can you stand up to the Islamosocialist menace, SomeGuy?

This entry really seemed to be reaching for something just for the blogger to write something political. You could have easily just copied some twitter posts from many of the comic creators since Tuesday.

Sean T. Collins, I love you.

Yeah, really not a good idea. There are enough places out there on the internet to scream politics at each other. Let’s keep this a nice haven for comics discussion.

” I’m kind of lost as to how educated people can so easily dismiss other educated people with clearly well-thought out ideals”

Well-thought out ideals like “keep government out of my Medicare” and “President Obama’s stimulus package which was one-third tax cuts raised my taxes.”

“other educated people with clearly well-thought out ideals”


Brigid Alverson

November 4, 2010 at 5:18 pm

Oh, please! That quote might have been a bit snarky, but it was cultural, not political. If anything, the writer was pointing out that we comics nerds have something in common with the Tea Partiers. You need to lighten up. Being a geek makes you part of a huge community; being humorless pretty much does the opposite.

And here, I’ll even defend the Tea Party folks: Actually, Pink Eye, some of them do a lot of research, taking time to go back to primary sources. The fact that I think they are wrong doesn’t take away from my respect for people who are wiling to actually read 18th-century prose.

This thread, like many comic related threads, points out the other similarity between a lot of nerds and Tea Partiers: they have no sense of humor AT ALL.

Matt Grommes, you are correct.

Lighten up, folks. It was a funny comparison.

I think it’s funny that the tea-party nerds are taking offense that the Tea-Party members were called nerds.

People need to respect one another on BOTH sides alot more. The article itself is amusing but mean spirited at heart which leads to the kind of discourse thats happening in this thread. Not really a good way to help see each sides point of view.

And, according to the Tea Party, the Establishment Clause was ret-conned out by Crisis on Infinite Earths.

I as a nerd feel offended.

Just an FYI, I’m not a tea party member. Just someone who would like to see open reasonable discourse on both sides.

Sir Manley Johnson

November 6, 2010 at 8:36 pm

You capitalize nouns in German. German was once considered a dominant language in the 13 colonies. Look it up.

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