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Snyder on Detective and the fate of the Jim Gordon co-feature

Detective #871

Scott Snyder, who writes the awesome Vertigo title American Vampire, is set to make his debut on Detective Comics next week. Over on DC’s the Source blog, he talks about his upcoming run on the book with artist Jock.

“On the surface, the run will constitute a kind of back-to-basics approach, with Dick Grayson, as the newly anointed Batman of Gotham, solving brutal crimes around the city with new, high-tech CSI toys,” Snyder said. “But the run will also be about the dark and mysterious relationship the city has with Bat. Because for Bruce, Gotham has produced the Joker, Two-Face and all the great villains we know and love as dark and twisted reflections of Bruce himself. And now, with Dick in the cowl, the city seems to be changing, becoming meaner, more vicious. Which makes him wonder – what if being Batman in Gotham means having to face your worst childhood fears come to life, in the flesh? What if Gotham is like a black funhouse mirror to whoever wears the cowl?”

Snyder also notes what’s going to happen with the Jim Gordon co-feature, since we know DC will be eliminating them next year.

“The first three issues of the run will include a backup, too, a story about Jim Gordon and a dark figure from his past who is returning to Gotham after a long time away (if you’re a good detective, you might even find some clues in the layouts DC released a couple of weeks ago),” he wrote. “The backup is tied to the feature – it’s all one big story, and honestly, I could not be more eager for people to see the amazing work Francesco Francavilla has done to bring this story to dark, gritty life. After the first three issues, his story will continue in the feature, between arcs drawn by Jock.”



Glad to hear the Gordon backup still lives. I actually enjoyed backups like these where the backup was in the same vein as the main feature, å la having Agents of Atlas as the backup for Incredible Hercules, or Son of Hulk as the backup in Incredible Hulks.

The Coolest Dad (tm)

November 19, 2010 at 6:24 am

Whoever thought of that idea to handle the back up is a genius. I love the idea of having a bunch of smaller self contained arcs split up by a good backstory that ties in. Great stuff guys!

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