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So this is what the Spider-Man musical is going to look like

Carnage (Collin Baja) and Mary Jane (Jennifer Damiano)

Carnage (Collin Baja) and Mary Jane (Jennifer Damiano)

From the pages of Vogue magazine and the lens of photographer Annie Leibovitz come these images from director Julie Taymor and composers Bono and The Edge’s upcoming, long-delayed Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark. Personally? I think I’d kill for a comic book Spidey that was this magnificently crazy, let alone a Broadway version that cost tens of millions of dollars to make. What say you?

Scroll down for another pair of jaw-dropping pics and click the link for two additional, vastly less jaw-dropping ones.

Reeve Carney (or stunt double Emmanuel Brown) as Spider-Man, Patrick Page as the Green Goblin, and Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane Watson

Reeve Carney (or stunt double Emmanuel Brown) as Spider-Man, Patrick Page as the Green Goblin, and Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane Watson

Swiss Miss (Sean Samuels) and Mary Jane (Jennifer Damiano)

Swiss Miss (Sean Samuels) and Mary Jane (Jennifer Damiano)

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I wasn’t clear whether this was actually the art direction for the play or if it was art-direction for the photoshoot? Granted, you have to design for the stage, and sometimes that means looking ridiculous out of context, but I’m just at a loss for words over some of the previews (though the sets actually looked pretty neat, but they’ve been the exception so far.)

It’s certainly not Leibovitz’s usual style–aren’t her backdrops almost always plain? So either she deviated from her norm to comic-book it up, or this is an approximation of what the show will look like in context.


As a guy who loves theater, I cannot imagine how this is going to make any money after the first few weeks. The villain costumes look awful and with a full face mask, how is the actor who plays Spiderman going to make anyone believe that he is not lip syncing?

The Ugly American

November 15, 2010 at 10:39 am

That looks nothing like The Swiss Miss.

a couple of notes on the baddies:

1. Carnage looks goofy. Yes, he’s very comic accurate, but he looks like a giant action figure. or one of those guys that dresses up and walks around theme parks.

2. Gobby looks more like the Vulture. No Glider? I love the Goblin Glider. It always looks so damn cool.

3. Swiss Miss. I cannot find the words to describe how terrible I think Swiss Miss looks.

Oh, and to go with the Carnage looks like a toy, so does spiderman. The photos look nicely done, but they don’s instill any confidence in me.

@ ROBE – spider-man won’t be singing in the play.

Those look fabulous!


you do realize that if you’re looking at anything but the dresses you’re missing the point. These are fashion spreads for Vogue. Sure the elements of the show are there – costumes, sets, hey – even the actual theater – but even so, these look pretty typical for Vogue: that strange aesthetic of overwrought art direction surrounding un-natural poses for a busy-yet-dead artifice – like a shop window tripping out on acid.

Question: is this a Disney production?

it’s going to be amazing. I know one of the actors, and the way he talks about it–I’m convinced. A ticket will be a little more expensive than a tab of acid…but same effect.

I still think they ripped Swiss Miss out of Zot.

And by “jaw-dropping,” you mean “so horrible looking it’ll leave you slack-jawed in disbelief.” Amirite?

Swiss Miss. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, the hot cocoa people need to file a lawsuit ASAP. That’s just awful.

This will be such a train wreck that Harrison Ford will be seen fleeing it.

I think it looks awesome. I want to go see it. I hope it does well enough to last a while so that I can go see it.

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