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Teaser: ‘Doomsday Will Reign!’

"Doomsday Will Reign!"

On the heels of Marvel’s “Death of Spider-Man” teaser, the DC Universe blog has posted an image of the blood-dripping Superman shield under the headline “Doomsday Will Reign!”

Is this a case of good-natured ribbing from one publisher to another, or should readers expect dueling deaths — make that “deaths” — of two of the best-known superheroes? (Move over, Batman and Captain America — it’s Superman and Spider-Man’s turn!) Or DC could simply be hinting that Doomsday will (again) awaken following the events of the recent “New Krypton” storyline.

Of course, those aren’t the only possibilities. Speculation already has turned to a “Death of Superman” Absolute Edition and a Legion of Super-Heroes arc.

The bloody Superman logo debuted in November 1992 on the black bag that encased Superman #75, the conclusion of the blockbuster “Death of Superman” crossover that saw the deaths of the Man of Steel and Doomsday, the killing machine from Krypton’s distant past.



Ah, the 90s.

While DC are at it, they should ship it poybagged.

With a hologram cover.

And a trading card.

Well, it’s the Johns/Didio mashup era, so “reign” is an important word. Cyborg Doomsday? Doomsday Jr.? My favorite is the Doomsday that turns out to be a Chinese guy in a robotic suit.

I really hope they don’t publish a Death of Superman Absolute edition, there are hundreds of stories that deserve it more than that garbage

I think it’s just advertising the appearance of Doomsday in DC Universe Legacies #7 next week.

When all the comics ship with the same trading card, how are you suppose to trade?

It’s kind of funny (well, to me at least) that a genre and format (monthly superhero comics) embraces death as selling tool for nearly all their books, and they themselves are a dying format.

“Or does the teaser point to something else?”

Yes, it points to the retardation of Marvel’s ‘Death of Spider-man’ leak.

I think my favourite comment from the Source blog was, “Is HE going to walk across the USA as well?”

So JMS leaves, the public grows dissatisfied with the Superman book, it gets taken off of a lot of pull lists, and DC decides to compensate for that by driving up interest by rehashing a stunt they already pulled 18 years ago? A stunt not currently held in particularly high regard anyway? Yeah, I’m hoping you’re right, Kris, and this is just advertising for DCU Legacies. Otherwise, DC’s streak of getting their major books mostly right just ended. Miserably.

And before anyone asks, yes, I’m in the minority that liked Grounded.

I loved the ridiculous origin of Doomsday, that was obviously conceived long after his comic appearance, that he was a predator raised on pre-Krypton and had to survive wave after wave of ancestral predator Kryptonians until he was able to adapt. And then he was too powerful and somehow traveled across galaxies and made is way to be entombed in Earth.

I think my favourite comment from the Source blog was, “Is HE going to walk across the USA as well?”

Well, he’s done that already, hasn’t he?

“And before anyone asks, yes, I’m in the minority that liked Grounded.”

As another member of that supposed “minority,” I’d just like to point out that “Grounded” is selling better than Superman was pre-“Grounded,” so I dunno that you’re in the minority.

The bloody S-shield is just such a wonderful visual. I spent years wishing I’d bought just one t-shirt with that on it instead of the six copies I bought of the comic itself. But it was gonna put me through college! :)

This might be more or less in response to BOTH Spidey and Onslaught.

I’d just like to point out that “Grounded” is selling better than Superman was pre-”Grounded,”

Well, sure. Is that because people LIKE it though? After all, Superman wasn’t even in the book for a long while pre-‘Grounded.’ That likely didn’t encourage people to buy it.

Doomsday should be literally put to rest, unless he joins Secret Six. Well, it worked for that Bane guy.

Death of Superman was already collected into an Omnibus edition. I look forward to seeing what this, as well as Death of Spider-Man, will be about.

Bruce Wayne kick superman’s ass anytime!!!

It can’t happen again. Please just be a references to the DC Legacies issue with Doomsday in it, but just like Onslaught returning to Marvel, Doomsday could probably be fighting the Teen Titans, Secret Six or Justice Society if he does return.

Do publishers really have to resort to “Death” just to get some extra wad of cash?

Saber Tooth Tiger Mike

November 14, 2010 at 2:31 pm

They tried other gimmicks, Geeksnap. They experimented with less popular gimmicks like drug abuse, parapelgic /mutilation, errectile dysfunction , domestic violence and child homicide in ‘Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal , but those gimmicks didn’t cause much of reaction in terms of sales growth, so they’re going back to what works. Death has been proven over time to consistantly cause sales growth, so they’re going back to it.Still, there’s a ray of hope for those who crave ‘alternative’ gimmicks.
They tried rape a few years ago. Perhaps they’ll choose another character to be raped soon.

I’m sick and tired of grimdark and death being modern comics answer to everything. Start a freakin horror line instead of turning superhero comics into Saw with capes.

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