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Thor: The Mighty Avenger to end in January

Thor: The Mighty Avenger #8

As eagle-eyed readers already may have realized by its absence from Marvel’s February solicitations, the publisher has canceled Thor: The Mighty Avenger with January’s Issue 8. A Marvel spokesman confirmed the cancellation, saying it will be “a satisfying end for fans.”

Created by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee, the critically acclaimed all-ages series was announced during April’s Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo as a timeless, accessible take on the classic character. The comic began with Thor’s reappearance on Earth after a thousand-year absence, enabling the creators to chronicle the thunder god’s first meetings with friends and foes ranging from Jane Foster and Captain Britain to Hank Pym and Mr. Hyde.

The first two issues were released in July, selling about 20,000 and 14,000 copies, respectively — certainly not great numbers, but not out of step with other all-ages titles at either Marvel or DC Comics. Unfortunately, sales continued to slip even as the publisher expanded its Thor books in the lead-up to the Kenneth Branaugh-directed movie, which opens in May 2011. By October’s Issue 5, Thor: The Mighty Avenger had dipped below 10,000 copies.

Issue 6, which features Fin Fang Foom, is set for release next week.



Man, that just SUCKS.

Unfortunately, sales continued to slip even as the publisher expanded its Thor books in the lead-up the Kenneth Branaugh-directed movie, which debuts in May 2011.

I think the expansion exacerbated the slip. There’s a TON of Thor product out there right now.

But please Marvel…continue to publish more Deadpool titles. Please…


@Jackie: To be fair, Marvel’s also cancelling Deadpool Corps.

@Summer. True.

There is no way this book cost so much to produce that it wasn’t making money back and wouldn’t have done so after the first trade came out. This is stupid.

Well, crap in a hat. I LOVE this book. It’s one of the few Marvels that I pick up any more, and…and…DAGNABIT!

Really rotten news, this is one of the best comics out there – easily one of Marvel’s top three creative successes.

Anyone got the number of those well-organised Spider-Girl fans?

What? No! This is my favorite book on the stands right now. Given his remarkable talent I’m sure Samnee won’t be out of work for long, but it’s still a shame. Here’s hoping he reunites with Roger soon.


November 16, 2010 at 2:27 pm

No! I’ve gotten three (count ‘em, 3!) different girlfriends of mine hooked on this title. Not comics. Just this one book. And now its gone.

And then people wonder why women don’t read comics….

Sad, but not unexpected. Marvel is just flooding the market with Iron Man, Captain America and Thor products. Is anyone buying any of it anywhere? We’ve had people ask about Iron Man after the movie, but quickly turned off because there’s too much stuff and they are easily confussed. Is that Marvel’s goal? Confuse the customer?

If a comic this enjoyable and this lovingly crafted cannot survive in the marketplace, there is something seriously wrong with the industry. Or with Marvel, anyway.

For shame Marvel, there goes one of your best titles.

This is terrible news. I absolutely loved this series and it breaks my heart that I won’t have a chance to read more after January.

I had tried to get as many of my friends into reading it when it first came out. Whenever I got a friend to read the first two issues, they enjoyed it! Even the ones who weren’t big on reading comics. However, out of everyone I showed it to, only my younger brother would eventually go to the LCS to buy new issues. Everyone else does not make it their routine to go to the comic book store to buy monthlies. They wouldn’t have any other way to buy more issues.

And unfortunately for me, while I loved this series, I moved overseas. I can use the Marvel App to buy comics (this series convinced me to buy issues of Journey into Mystery from the ipod app), but my choices are limited. If Thor the Mighty Avenger had been available on the app – I would have bought it quick and tell my friends to get it too. As it is, I can’t buy any more issues. I’m hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away from a comic book store.

The funny-sad thing is that just a few days ago I went to the Marvel site to subscribe to this series (just this series since it is $14 for each 12-issue subscription sent overseas, I discovered). I wanted to at least get this series by mail. I should’ve waited for February’s solicits to come out first. Could’ve asked my bro to pick up extra issues for me until the last one in January…

I don’t understand. Marvel could see that they had a great all-ages book in their hands. So it wasn’t selling well in the LCS? Fine, then why wouldn’t they make it available digitally and then collect the issues in trades? As an eager customer, I would be all over that! I don’t see why they have to cancel a wonderful series when there are new, lucrative methods of distribution.

This is frustrating…

I’ve been a Marvel Thor fan since the original JIM of August 1962 and will read any Thor or Thor related comic.

That said I did wonder if Marvel had overdone it a bit with all the Thor comics coming out in the lead up to the movie.

If you feel a little disappointed why not check out some of my Thor fanfic.

Just scroll down below my author profile and you will see over 40 fan fiction stories here:

Dirty Pool, Marvel. This title alone is better than that stupid movie could ever be and you’ve taken it from us. Meanwhile that Spider-Girl gets chance after chance after chance and I never knew a single person who liked that book.
Meanwhile we have X-Titles coming out of our ears.

If I had the contact information of Death’s Head you’d be getting visited by a very well paid Freelance Peace Keeping Agent.

Please, everybody email Marvel at if you want T:TMA to continue. Who knows if Marvel will read all the emails, but I know they won’t read any unless we send some.

@Matt Halteman: “If a comic this enjoyable and this lovingly crafted cannot survive in the marketplace, there is something seriously wrong with the industry. Or with Marvel, anyway.”

Actually, I think it shows that there’s more wrong with the comic readers/customers, then anything else.

As long as monthly comics are sold only at comic shops, and the vast majority of comic shop customers prefer to buy crap (like Deadpool, for an example) and ignore well written, well drawn all access books, then this will continue.

@Skott:”Meanwhile that Spider-Girl gets chance after chance after chance and I never knew a single person who liked that book.”

I liked that book.
It was well written, well drawn, fun, all age access…… JUST like Thor: The Mighty Avenger

For what I´ve read, It was the first superhero comic book I really enjoyed in its whole, not only art alone, as Im female and not fond of the genre and floppies.
I think that more than all ages it really really appealed to women (nice expressions and character focus, big blond puppy Thor going to live with Jane, please)
Living overseas I was hoping to buy the trade to support the book, guess I was a bit late :(

Really sad news, and not just because a great title has been cancelled. It reflects poorly on the comics readership when a title with as much good press as Thor: The Mighty Avenger gets the axe because of low sales. It’s somewhat frustrating to me that Marvel will wind up taking the heat for this when the true culprits can be found in the Wednesday LCS crowd, in the guys who passed the Langridge’s book because it wasn’t “connected” or because it was “kids’ stuff” (not serious for adults like Brightest Day).

If you’ll forgive my being snarky for a moment, I think if Marvel wants to try an experiment in the vein of Thor: The Mighty Avenger in the future, they need to bill it as an in-continuity book. Here’s the thing though: they can do the exact same book they would do if it was out-of-continuity, with new origins and new takes on pre-existing characters, etc, but every year or thereabouts, the title should have a perfunctory crossover with the 616 Universe, in order to show readers that the story “matters.” I bet sales would hover above cancellation levels a lot longer that way, and fans of quality would still receive mostly the same content. Sorry to say, but I really believe the average LCS guy is stupid enough that he has to be tricked into buying quality product.

Tom Brevoort needs to be fired from Marvel.

We would all be much happier comic book fans and readers.

Thor the Mighty Avenger is without hyperbole, the best comic book Marvel has going right now.

You see if Marvel only put out crappy crossover comics, I wouldn’t think twice. But they show that they DO understand what good comics are…but then they snuff them out before said good comics get the chance to thrive.

While I was away on vacation over Halloween weekend I picked up the first issue of this book at a LCS, based on hearing such good things about the book online.

I liked it so much I went BACK the next day to pick up #s 2-5.

Issue #4 w/the Warriors 3 and Capt Britian was my fave issue by far, I shed tears in laughter I got such a kick out of it. Haven’t enjoyed a book like this since X-Men First Class.

And now they CANCEL IT. :-(

This just plain sucks. Tremendously. It’s the best Thor book they’re putting out right now.

Yes, definitely one of the best comics around at the moment .. very disappointed to hear Thor the Mighty Avenger has been canceled. Crazy – the comic shop shelves are just full of stuff I have no interest in reading, so jumped at this title – a quirky, humorous, touching genuine comic.. sadly how few of those exist nowadays from the main comic companies.

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