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‘War of the Green Lanterns’ rages next spring

War of the Green Lanterns

DC’s The Source blog has posted a teaser for an upcoming crossover called “War of the Green Lanterns,” which will kick off next March.

“From Rebirth to Sinestro Corps to Blackest Night, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner have stood by each other and fought together to save our universe,” said Green Lantern writer Geoff Johns. “After all that, what could possibly tear them apart? We’ll find out in War of the Green Lanterns starting in March’s War of the Green Lanterns #1 and throughout the Green Lantern titles in March, April and May. Every Green Lantern is about to be tested — and tested against one another.”

As noted in the solicitations that came out today, Green Lantern #63 and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #7 serve as preludes to the crossover.



Badass. Keep it coming Johns!

Please give out broken rings as collectibles!!

Peter Morningstar

November 16, 2010 at 7:02 am

Great idea about a new ring incentive initiative, so how about it?
Get with the programme here DC….
I know i’d definitely be interested in a ‘Smoldering’ 1/100 Chase Variant Broken Ring!!!

War of the Green Lanterns? I just hope that John Stewart doesn’t get portrayed incompetently… and then turned into a villain..

@Hypestyle… Exactly.

I wasn’t excited @ all when I saw this. Odd.

“After all that, what could possibly tear them apart?”

Maybe being involved in stupid event after stupid event?!?

Have no doubt it’ll be a cool story, but come on enough is enough! I don’t know if I have room in budget for this, period.

Oh joy another Green Lantern event when the latest one still isn’t over yet.

Splendid. Now they don’t even have to throw broken merchandise away.

When will you guys ever stop complaining?

By the way this is awesome and Johns is a monster, so I’ll be picking this up.

**Taz** Maybe those of us with a wider interest in DCU are starting to see a Marvel pattern here.A core group of titles that are beaten to death at the expense of the rest of the DCU.The fans however that buy into this pattern are as much to blame as the people who create them.Saturation bombing and product dumping are not good publishing tactics.It makes a lot of money initially but ultimately leads to burnout for everyone.Rebels,Hardcore Station,Skataris,have been a helluva lot more fun than this.Why did DC even bother to mainstream Dakota into the greater DCU a few months back? Maybe Icon and Hardware need to rescue John Stewart from the GLCorp and reverse engineer their escape back to a DCU free Dakota?Hope to God there is no OA in the First Wave U.The last thing we need is Doc Savage as a Bronze Lantern.

That seems like quite a reach, it’s one thing to complain about event after event but just for the record Blackest Night ended in March of this year and War of the GL’s starts in March of next year. If you really need more than 1 year between events then you really need to drop comics in general. Because that’s not too much to ask for imo, GL is in a slowdown right now with the post BN/BD stuff there is alot going on but you can follow it all in just 1 book. To me it just seems that as usual fans like to bitch about things to bitch, this looks like a much smaller lowkey event more like SCW and that’s cool with me. If people don’t like it then drop the books and pick up what you do want, but the rest of us will gladly devour this because Johns has been hitting out of the park since Rebirth through Blackest Night and this seems to be another monster.

ALTON: I must admit to a certain degree of event fatigue, having sworn off crossovers for years, until recently. But now that I get only a few titles, and only as hardcover collections, I enjoy these epic story arcs. I only get a few things like some of the Captain America and Iron Man trades, the occasional Ultimate arc, Secret Avengers, everything Superman and the odd Batman arc but ever since Green Lantern Rebirth I have been addicted to Johns’ arcs on this core title. I get what you’re saying about saturation and there’s no way I’m picking up sundry diluted spin off books about the other Lanterns or the universe of titles, the Lantern Corps, Lantern Warriors or whatever, Lantern Lunchroom and so on. It’s true what you say about the Marvel approach to cash-cows like Wolverine X-Men and Deadpool, but as I loathe all of those concepts anyway it’s never affected me. Batman has too damned many titles, just as there are too damned many CSIs and Law & Order shows, not to mention the umpteen derivations of each. No one’s forcing me to watch these shows just like no one is forcing anyone to buy these titles, except in the case of crossovers and linked arcs, when they kind of are. I wish they could just put their VERY best creators on ONE book for each character and charge more for more and better quality at that. Imagine if they put the effort that goes into coordinating 12 monthly Bat titles into creating storylines for ONE thick monthly Bat title (replace Bat with totem of choice), it could be incredible. A team effort producing an oversized epic each month, with ONE coherent story and lots of fun, without the dull wheel spinning that has become common place for these 4 colour soaps. That’ll be the day.

Christopher,you stated it even better than I did and I thank you for your comments.The problem is that even if you and I don’t buy into multiple Deadpool or Batman titles the damage to other titles is there.What you said about distilling every thing that is Batman into one good book is exactly what my LCS owner has been saying about comics for about trouble for me is I like GL a lot but where EJ sees these as disconnected events spanning a year I see as ongoing never ending events because of Brightest Day/Emerald Warriors.Trades really are the way to go as you suggested. The monthlies are too expensive anyway even at 2.99.I would hate to see the greater DCU reduced to minis and ongoings cancelled after 5 issues like Marvel because fans are stretched too thin both time and money wise to explore anything else.As far as this remaining a lowkey event as EJ suggests all I can say is “Yeah,Right!”

I love how people just love to complain.

These “events” are just the names of the current storylines. Other than Blackest Night they arent major crossover events.

Even if they are milking it…. ITS A BUSINESS. Like movies they are there to make money.

And finally, they have been AWESOME so far. They have been the type of thing that made us buy comics to begin with.

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