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What might have been: Captain Britain by Matthew Dow Smith & Guy Davis

Captain Britain by Matthew Dow Smith

Last month the artist blog Comic Twart did themed drawings around the idea “What if Comic Twart ran Marvel?” In that spirit, writer/artist Matthew Dow Smith (Dr. Who) shares his rendition of a Captain Britain that was originally redesigned by Guy Davis (B.P.R.D.). It was part of a pitch they made to Marvel.

“… I spent a lot of time early in my career pitching projects that I could write to anyone who would listen, and the closest I ever came to getting one off the ground was a Captain Britain mini-series at Marvel, with Guy Davis on board as the artist,” he said on his blog. “This was right as Marvel had put Grant Morrison on the X-Men, and they were open to a lot of new directions for their stable of characters. And Guy and I had planned out a pretty radical new direction for Brian Braddock. Unfortunately, our editor was suddenly let go before we started work on the first issue and the project got dropped, but Guy had already turned in a radical redesign of CB’s costume that would have played in perfectly with our plans for the character, which included him finding Excalibur and becoming tied directly to the Arthur legend.”

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Marvel meets T.E. Lawrence. Matthew, Guy: I would’ve bought this in a heartbeat.

Lance Roger Axt
The AudioComics Compnay

That’s a dang shame. Something like this would have been on my pull list without any question. The fact that Marvel doesn’t publish stuff like this any longer is the reason I’ve stopped buying their books after 25 years of collecting.

Is it just me or does Brian look like David Tennant? This seems interesting (I do prefer the Alan Davis design though) but honestly I would take any Captain Britain book right now.

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