Robot 6 also experiencing pain-enducing levels of traffic this morning

Comic-Con International aren’t the only ones having trouble selling things on the internet. Mattel’s action figure collector’s site released several new items today, including a Masters of the Universe figure, Superman and General Zod figures, and (the reason I was checking the site) a new Darkseid/Kalibak two-pack for their long-running Justice League Unlimited line.

Everything went on sale at 9 a.m. Pacific, which is when I hit the site and got this:

I did get in about eight minutes later, selected my item, went to checkout, and then started getting the “traffic management” page again before I could complete my transaction. Dang it. Around 9:17 a.m. I got back in, and it remembered where I was in the checkout process (which was nice … I figured I’d be starting from scratch). A few seconds later, my order was complete. Trying to go back to the home page, however, brought the holding page back up.

I guess today is good practice for next February, when the hotel process for San Diego kicks off.

(Update: And of course, after I post, the site doesn’t appear to be having any issues … and it doesn’t look like anything is sold out yet, so head over there quickly before it does).



This happens pretty much every time they release new products. Their website is just terrible.

I typically don’t remember that they have stuff going on sale until it’s already sold out, so I’m just happy I remembered it today.

This is nothing new for Mattel. Every time there’s an on sale date, the website does this. The boards at Action Figure Insider are filled with horror stories.

Frustrating but at least the sale successfully went through. Comic-Con could learn from them.

Mysterious Stranger

December 15, 2010 at 4:29 pm

As with SDCC, Mattycollector is using a 3rd party company to handle their online cart and order fulfillment. Digital River just can’t handle the load that Mattel’s once a month sale dates generate. They are rumored to have a “fix” that will be ready for the January sale date but it was supposed to be up and running in November so who knows.

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