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CBLDF notes rise in border authorities seizing devices containing adult comics material


If you’re planning on traveling abroad this holiday season, you may want to be wary of what comics you’re bringing on your computer, phone or other device. During a call with his fellow Comic Book Legal Defense Fund board members yesterday, writer Neil Gaiman tweeted about a trend the CBLDF has been watching: “On @CBLDF Board of Directors call. Just learning about Customs officers confiscating computers because they didn’t like the comics on them.”

According to Executive Director Charles Brownstein, both the CBLDF and the American Civil Liberties Union have been tracking the trend.

“The CBLDF legal team has been tracking trends in customs here in the U.S. and abroad that show authorities searching, and,in some cases, seizing the computers, portable devices, storage devices, and other items of travelers who have adult comics material stored on those devices,” Brownstein told Comic Book Resources. “The ACLU is tracking similar customs abuses from a privacy point of view. There’s a recent incident about which we’re not at liberty to discuss specifics involving this trend, where we were asked to provide information and letters of support. Because this is a pending matter, I’m not at liberty to discuss further specifics at this time.”

He added that in response, the CBLDF is working on a “best practices” document for comic fans going through customs. “This document will cover what they need to know to help mitigate their risks in this area,” Brownstein said. “We plan to issue this document in the first quarter of 2011.”



What a load of BS. How do they know what’s on those computers? Do they (Custom officers) have time to search through data? Is it even legal? LOL – living in USA must suck big time. Freedom is a joke there.

Can’t customs buy their own porn?

In uk customs are not allowed to switch on your laptop, why is the USA different as switching it on will make anything incriminating inadmissible, it does in the UK it has to be looked at forensically by a trained specialist.

Yay, just what I always wanted, to be treated like a middle school student all over again!

What is actually classified as an adult comic? I’d hate to pulled in because I happen to have an issue of The Boys kicking about on my hard drive.

“Land of the Free” “Home of the Brave”? Yeah, not so much anymore I’m afraid. The latest two administrations have just about buried us in all their unconstitutional BS. It doesn’t matter WHAT you have on your hard drive, Adult content or not, they have NO LEGAL AUTHORITY WITHOUT JUST CAUSE to search or seize your property. This is SPECIFICALLY mentioned in the Constitution under unreasonable search and seizure.
But as we continue to see, both the last and the current administrations have and continue to display a complete disregard for this country’s most important founding documents, laws, and principles.

Expect things to get worse before they get better.

The constitution does not apply near borders, thanks to the U.S government.

That’s a personal invasion, neither legal nor moral. I can’t even conceive of how this makes anything safer for anyone. I thought we threw-out the PATRIOT ACT?

I trust the CBLDF to fight on this one.

Jon Gorga

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